VM Audio Tower Speaker Troubleshooting

VM Audio has recently released our own line of powered Bluetooth Tower Speakers. These tower speakers can be plugged directly into one’s television, gaming system, smartphone or laptop to produce high quality sound. Here are some common issues and questions that we are happy to assist with.


1)      What to do if you are not getting sound out of your speakers when connected to your television:

The first thing you should check is if your system is working correctly.  We suggest trying it with the included RCA to Auxiliary cable and plugging into an iPod, laptop or smartphone to see if the system is working correctly. This is typically a less complicated connection than going into the TV.

If the unit is working with an iPod or smartphone, the the issue lies with the system not being sent a signal from your television. If you have the RCA cables connected to your television, make sure they are going into an audio output on your television.  Many times you may be plugging into the audio input on TV which is where you would plug in a DVD player or gaming console. For these speakers, this will not allow sound to be sent from your TV to your speakers. Therefore, just double check that the red & white connectors are plugged into audio output. Please refer to your television’s manual to locate your sound output.

For other cases, certain TVs will have setting requirements when it comes to sending sound to your surround speakers. Please consult your television’s manual for that information. You can find almost any TV manual here, if you no longer own yours.

2)      What to do if you are hearing a buzz or hum noise coming from your speakers:

This could be caused by a ground loop with your home’s electrical system. Ground loops are caused by bad grounding within the power supply and electrical components in the circuit board. If you experience a ground loop problem with one of the tower speakers it is recommended to plug your power cord into another power outlet in a different room in the house to see if the ground loop goes away. If the ground loop still remains, then there could be something internally wrong with the speaker. In that case, please do contact our VM Audio Customer Service department so we can take care of you.

A small amount of speaker buzz is normal when the speakers are on with nothing playing. It should not be overbearing, but just like all speakers, they will have this buzz when they are on. Simply turn the speakers off with the remote or the switch in the back to get rid of this issue.

3)      What to do if the speaker without controls is the only one working:

The only way that this could be happening is if these are plugged into a receiver that is sending power to these speakers. These speakers are powered internally and do not need to be hooked up to a receiver. What is occurring is that power is being sent to their power output as if it was a power input. This will fry the electrical wiring inside of your powered speaker. If you have these plugged into a receiver, remove them immediately. There is a chance that they may not be broken but if they are, please contact our VM Audio Customer Service department

4)      What to do if only the powered speaker is working:

This means that for some reason your signal is not getting transferred from the power wire to the passive speaker. The issue could lie in the speaker wire. First, double check that the speaker wire is fully connected to both speakers. Then, make sure the speakers are connected positive to positive, and negative to negative. This should fix the issue completely. If neither of these suggestions work, we recommend trying the speakers with a different input option, such as Bluetooth or Auxiliary to see if that helps the issue. If that does not work, we suggest trying a different piece of speaker wire to ensure no shorts are in the original wire.

We will continue to update this post with common customer troubleshooting questions and concerns. Feel free to call our VM Audio help line at (855) 283-4699 from 9 AM – 5 PM Monday-Friday CST if you are experiencing any of these issues, and we will be happy to assist you.


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