Differences between Shaker, Elux & Encore

VM Audio is a brand new audio line that only VMInnovations has the privilege of currently carrying. VM Audio offers products for people on their first DJ set for their first gig, all the way to competition grade subwoofers that an audiophile with years of experience will appreciate. How do you know which like works for you? We are here to explain the differences in these three lines of products to help you figure out exactly which line fits your needs.


Shaker Series

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The Shaker Series is our entry level product line designed to deliver the best possible sound for the lowest possible price. Created for casual, every-day listening, the Shaker Series line is carefully crafted for beautiful appearance, extensive versatility, long durability, and ease of use. The entire collection is fashioned as the optimal economic solution while still adhering to our standards of audio quality.  These products are affordable, and you won’t find more for your money anywhere on the market. A few of the products include the VM-SRW12 12″ Subwoofer, and many of our lines of headphones.



VM-EXMS581 VM Audio 5.1 Multi Media Surround Sound System | EXMS581resource2.ashx resource3.ashx

The Elux series: powerful and extravagant. The Elux line was created for the intermediate user who knows that higher quality equipment will allow them to get the most out of their albums, movies and video games. If you’ve developed an ear for rich, quality sound the Elux collection does nothing but deliver pure audio performance. Check out some of the Elux products such as the EXW15 15″ Subwoofer as well as the EXMS581 Surround Sound System.




The Encore collection is VM Audio’s exquisite line of products and features a seductive combination of performance, style and exclusivity. Built for the audio aficionado, this revolutionary line has been meticulously sharpened, refined and rethought in every detail. When it’s only the best or nothing at all, VM Audio’s Encore series delivers the truest possible sound and consistent bass. The Encore collection from VM Audio feeds your urge for true sophistication and the ultimate in professional audio performance.  Check out the ECW120 competition grade subwoofers!


We hope this makes things more clear on knowing what to purchase when shopping VM Audio products. If you have any questions, please give VM Audio a call anytime between 9 AM and 5PM Central Standard Time Monday-Friday at (855) 283-4699. Also check out the full product line on VM Audio’s home website: http://www.vmaudio.com/

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