Snow Joe SJ620 Review

Unless you live in warmer climates and don’t see any snow, a snow blower is a must have tool in your arsenal.   With all the recent snow storms in Midwest and Northeast – I figured now would be a good time to raise awareness and post a review about our secret little weapon against snow: Snow Joe SJ620 Snow Blower.

This electric snow blower is super easy to setup.  It comes pretty much fully assembled out of the box, all you need to do is straighten out the handle, tighten some bolts at the joints and it’s ready to go. All in all it takes probably around 5 to 10 minutes to setup. In case you require some assistance, the included instructional manual shows the process step by step with pictures.

Snow Joe SJ620 Review

Before you being, you should consider purchasing a 50 foot 14 gauge (or 100 foot 12 gauge) outdoor rated extension cord.  Be sure to use the correct gauge cord, otherwise the extension cord will not deliver the required power leading to under-performance.  Proper gauged cord is a must for electric snow blowers, so be sure to invest in one (maybe even a cord reel to keep the wires out of the way).

Snow Joe SJ620

This blower is pretty light weight and easy to move around. Note: it is not self-propelled but you’ll have no trouble pushing this little beast around.   If you have a steep driveway, working from the top->down, letting gravity do the pushing, will also help 🙂

So how does it perform?  Exceptionally well,  and beats the heck out of shoveling!  Each pass cuts an 18” wide path and it has no problem cutting through 10 inch deep snow – no kidding!  See what our customers have to say about this SJ620 snow blower  in their own words (scroll all the way down for reviews) or check out this video review:

How Does Snow Joe SJ620 Compare to a 2 Stage Gas Blower?


  • Costs MUCH less (x4 or 5 times less actually)
  • Handles up to 10 inches deep snow like a champ
  • Lighter
  • More maneuverable
  • Virtually zero maintenance
  • Plug and play – no tools required to setup or operate
  • Zero emissions


  • Not as powerful as more expensive 2 stage gas blowers
  • If the  snow is too wet, you’ll need to press on the blower harder
  • Plastic housing vs metal on some gas snow blowers
  • Not self-propelled (but lightweight, so pushing is a non-issue really)

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for Snow Joe SJ620 is $229.99 but at VMInnovations.com you can find this snow thrower for less than $140.  It is shipped free, and delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 days.

Save time by not shoveling snow for hours, get this and do the same work in minutes, your back will thank you for it later.

snow joe sj620