What Size Subwoofers Should You Buy?

Subwoofers come in all shapes and sizes. The options leave consumers trying to find the subwoofer with the perfect bass for their setup, but with all these options comes a lot of questions. One question we get a lot here at VMInnovations is “What size subwoofers should I purchase?” Customers always like to know if they will get the best sound out of 10’s or 12’s. We will break down three easy steps to take to a look and help you decide which subwoofers to purchase in the future.

1) Figure out your space.

Subwoofers and boxes take up a lot more room than people realize at times. The first thing you need to do, as a consumer, is figure out how much space you really have in your trunk to fit subwoofers. Figure out how much trunk space you want to give up to subwoofers. Are you okay with giving up your whole trunk to go as loud as possible, or do you still want to have some room in the trunk for day to day things? Once you figure out how much room you do have in the trunk for subwoofers, you can start to choose what size subwoofers will work for you.

2) Think about your listening

Once you have decided if you have enough room for the subwoofers you are looking at, you need to figure out what size subwoofers will fit your needs better. You first need to realize what type of music you listen to on a regular basis. From there you can start to look at the three main sizes:

resource2.ashx10″ Subwoofers: These subwoofers are the smallest of the most commonly purchased subwoofers. They give off a punchier sound that will keep up with quicker beats than their 12″ or 15″ counterparts. If you listen to a lot of rock or country music, we definitely recommend purchasing 10″ subwoofers for your vehicle. They will give your music the bass that it neresource1.ashxeds.

15” Subwoofers: These subwoofers will rumble low notes the best out of the common sizes of subwoofers. Many people just need to be careful because it can be very difficult to get 15″ subwoofers to fit in many vehicles. These will be great if you like to listen to a lot of low rap music.

resource.ashx12” Subwoofers: 12″ Subwoofers are probably the best option if you listen to a good mix of both. It is the best of both worlds, and this is what makes the 12″ subwoofer the most popular size on the market.

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