Tower Speakers

How to Save Money on Your Home Audio Setup


Many people do not realize when you are looking for that perfect home audio setup, you may need more than you think and these extra parts and pieces can start to add up! Once you purchase your tower speakers (that’s $300), you are told you will need an amplifier/receiver to power them (add $200 to that). Once you do that you think you are all set, but then you realize no bass was included and so you must now purchase a powered subwoofer (that’s another $200). All the sudden your home theater system has cost you $700 or even more! We at, VM Audio, recognized this problem and came out with a product to revolutionize the home audio industry.

Just recently, VM Audio hasexat21top released a line of powered tower speakers. What is so great about this? Imagine purchasing speakers, opening them up, plugging them in and connecting to them right to your TV or via Bluetooth. Eliminate that hassle and worry of the “what else do I need?” with these tower speakers! Also, we went one step further and included a Bluetooth feature! That’s right, the new VM Audio Tower Speakers allow you to sync up to your devices from anywhere in your home!


With these speaker, you can eliminate the need for a receiver because these active tower speakers have power already built into them. You can even control the bass, treble, volume and more. Next we have eliminated the need for a powered subwoofer because each tower speaker features either two eight inch or two ten inch subwoofers, depending on the model.  With these built-in additions, you will save anywhere from $400-$800!

In the end, you spend less than $300 for a full home audio setup that will hook up right away and sync up to your smartphone via Bluetooth. These stylish, affordable tower speakers come in all different colors and styles. Check them all out here: VM Audio Tower Speaker


Parker Van Roy