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As the content creator here at VMInnovations, I usually find myself downstairs in our little photo studio or in our video production room. Since the offices (and the main heater) are upstairs, I didn’t get the luxury of a toasty warm office. That is, until I got my hands on an extra LifeSmart heater.

I wasn’t so sure about it at first. I’ve always been a little leery about “space heaters” … I’ve just heard enough news stories about fires being started that way to trust them too much. Plus, they put out uneven heat, and they dry out the air… Bleh…

Boy, was I under the wrong impression.

The model I have in the room I work mostly in is the LifeSmart Renew Infrared Quartz Heater.

Here are the LifeSmart specs:

  • 4 commercial grade quartz heating elements
  • 25,000 hour lifespan
  • 4 copper heat exchangers promote fast heating
  • Reduces energy consumption by 35% to 50%
  • 1500 maximum watts – 5100 BTU
  • Dual heating power levels:
  • High: 1500 watts for 1000 sq. ft. rooms

My LifeSmart Heater

But really though, that’s not where this LifeSmart heater ends. I struggle with dry skin during the winter (like I’m sure a lot of people do), and I was worried at first that this heater might make matters worse, but I’ve had this heater running almost every day for the last few weeks, and I’ve actually noticed that I need to use lotion on my hands less than I did before.

It’s also great because it warms the room up so quickly. Mornings are cold here in Nebraska during the winter, so being able to turn this LifeSmart heater on, go grab coffee and then come back to a warm room is amazing (especially in the morning when I’m already a bit salty from having to leave my warm bed). It heats up the entire room from floor to ceiling so quickly that it’s even more efficient than the central heating system in the building. In fact, I have co-workers who stop by just to sit in the warmth of the video room (and to soak in my magnanimous personality, as well, I assume).

This LifeSmart heater is also great because it has a built-in thermostat, so I can set it to my desired temperature and just let it run without getting too hot or cold. There’s no fancy work to turning it off and on (unless you consider an on/off switch fancy), and it even comes with a remote so you can set it from across the room if you want.

TLDNR: I really dig this LifeSmart heater. It’s convenient, easy to turn on and set, heats evenly without drying the air, and it even looks nice.

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