Razor E300 and E300s Electric Scooter Review

I was pretty excited to jump on the E300 and E300s electric scooters after riding both the E200 and E100 Razor scooters,. I rode them up and down the main 4hallway for a few days, I think my coworkers were a little confused by the whole thing. It took me a while to finally put the scooters away because they were so much fun. I would have been riding these all over my block if I had them when I was a kid, these take the original Razor kick scooter to a whole new level.

These scooters are a little bit bigger than the other electric scooters with a super-sized deck measuring 41″ X 17″ X 42″, making these scooters good options for teen or adult riders. These scooters features large 9″ pneumatic tires for a smooth ride; they have pretty heavy-duty tires. They can handle up to 220lbs and go up to 15 miles per hour, making them one of Razor’s fastest scooters. Riding these scooters up and down the hallways at work, it does feel like they go faster than 15 mph, they’ve got some power hidden in the super quiet, chain-driven, high-torque motor.

The throttle is located on the right handlebar as a twist-grip acceleration control that is very easy to use. The brake is attached to the left handlebar and it’s a hand operated rear brake. These scooters also feature a retractable kickstand for easy storage. The battery (two 12-volt sealed lead rechargeable batteries) take about 8 hours to fully charge and last through 45 minutes of continuous use with the charger included in the packaging.  The scooters also come in a few different colors: Gray, Blue and Pink.

Gray E300Gray E300SBlue E300Blue E300SPink E300S

All of the pieces to put together the E300 and E300S electric scooters are included in the box. It took me only about 5 minutes to put together the E300. All you have to do is slide the post of the handlebars onto the deck and tighten the bolts with an included Allen wrench, the brakes are already attached. For the E300s it took me a little bit longer to put together, but probably still under 10 minutes. You have to attach the handlebar’s T-tube the same as with the E300, but you also have to attach the seat and the seat stand to the deck of the scooter. It’s very simple to put it all together, you just have to tighten everything and you’re good to go.

The E300 and E300S electric scooters have only one difference between the two of them; the E300S has a seat included, though it is easily removable.


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    Marco Arguelles

    Thanks, Shanley. I’m in Transportation Planning in the Bay Area and this helps solve the “Last Mile Problem” when commuters take public transit. Should be pretty easy to take these on trains/buses. I will be getting one soon, better than other electric scooters because of the price.

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