Razor E200 and E200S Electric Scooter Review

While working on videos for the Razor E200 and E200S electric scooters, I had to charge them up and ride them around the office. As a kid I used to steal my little sister’s red Razor kick scooter and ride it down to the pool on hot summer days. These electric scooters would have put that one to shame, and it definitely would have smoked my fastest ride time to the pool. The Razor E200 and Razor E200s each comes in two different, super-sweet colors: teal and green.

E200 Green E200 Teal E200S Green E200S Teal

Straight out of the box, these scooters are really simple to assemble. The brakes are already attached, all you have to do is slide the handlebars on and tighten the bolts at the base with the provided Allen wrench. The 200S took a tiny bit more work together because it has a cushioned seat, so I had to bolt the seat stand down to the base of the scooter, then tighten the screws holding the seat onto the stand. All together it only took me about 5 minutes to put the E200 together and around 8 to put the E200S together. All of the pieces and utensils you need to put the scooters together are included in the box, plus, it also comes with the charger, so your bike can be ready to ride soon after it’s out of the box.

The only difference between the E200 and E200S is the seat, the E200 is a standing scooter and the E200S has the seat, though it can be taken off and be a standing scooter just as easily.


The E200 and E200S run on an environmentally friendly high-torque, ultra-quiet, chain-driven motor that propels the scooter up to 12 mph with a handy twist-grip throttle located on the right handlebar. The left handlebar features the hand-operated rear brake.

The E200 and E200S scooters are designed for kids (and adults) 13 and up and can support up to 154 lbs with a full sized deck and frame and 8″ pneumatic tires. Once fully charged, the scooter can run for 40 minutes of continuous use and comes with a 90-day manufacturer warranty against product defects.




I had way too much fun riding these scooters up and down the hallway at work (clearly).

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