New year, new accomplishments | 600,000 eBay Feedbacks

Another new year, another amazing accomplishment here at VMInnovations! On January 8th, we hit the 600,000 mark of feedback on our eBay storefront! We’d say that’s a pretty awesome way to start the year

Now, that is quite the accomplishment, but we’re really patting our backs over the fact that it was done with a 99.8% positive feedback rate!

High fives all around! Especially to our amazing customer service team and our outstanding shipping team! Without them and all their hard work, this outstanding accomplishment would have never been possible!

As of the time of this post, we’re sitting pretty at 608,893 feedbacks (99.8% of which are positive, I might add). We’re thinking 1,000,000 would look pretty nifty on our eBay page, don’t you?

Find out more about how eBay feedback works and how feedback scores are calculated by visiting eBay’s help page


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