LifeSmart Heaters to Keep You Warm

I’m always cold; in fact I keep an extra sweatshirt in my desk drawer at all times. Using a portable space heater is a much simpler option, though. These LifeSmart heaters are perfect to plug in at your desk or at home to heat up whatever area you’re in. That helps you save money and keeps you comfortable!

LifeSmart Portable Heater

resource-01The LifeSmart 1500-watt infrared portable heater is powerful enough to heat rooms up to 1,800 square feet. It features 6 wrapped infrared elements to deliver instant, even heat throughout the room.

It’s a classic black cabinet that’s easy to match with almost any décor. Plus, this heater sits on casters so it’s super easy to move around.

There’s a digital LED display with raised buttons on the front as well as 2 remotes, so changing the temperature and other settings is a cinch.  You can also program a timer on this heater and the temperature can be set anywhere from 50 to 90 degrees.

LifeSmart LifePro Quartz Heater

resource-2The LifeSmart LifePro Infrared Quartz heater is the perfect solution if you need to heat a larger room; it can heat an area up to 2,000 square feet. It’s 1,500 watts and has 8 wrapped quartz infrared elements to help send natural warmth evenly throughout the room.

The heater has a black interior with an elegant dark oak wood cabinet surrounding it. The heater has an LED  display with the raised control buttons right on the front plus it comes with a remote, so changing any setting is super easy. You can even program it with a set time to start.

There are three different heat settings with an eco mode and air-purifying ionizer. This heater creates a more balanced stream of air for continuous, even heat exchange and it’s more intense with a longer lasting heat.

The metal caster wheels also make this heater really easy to move wherever you need it. The thermostat can be set between 50 and 97 degrees.

LifeSmart LifePro 4-in-1 Tower Heater

resource-6The LifeSmart LifePro Portable 4-in-1 Tower Heater/Fan is a great combination of classic design and state-of-the-art technology. This 1,500 watt heater can warm an up to 1800 square foot room. It’s a 4-in-1 air commander; it’s a heater, a 2-speed cooling fan, oscillating louvers and an ionizer.

This heater/fan has a dark oak cabinet that looks great with any décor. It’s made with furniture grade wood cabinetry that stays cool to the touch so it’s safe for kids and pets. The oscillating grill is on the top while the 4 wrapped infrared heating elements are on the bottom half.

It comes with 2 remotes and has an LED display along with raised buttons on the control panel. That makes it easy to set the up to 9 hour programmable count down or up timer. You can also switch between high, low or eco modes or change the temperature between 50 and 97 degrees. If the heater starts to over heat or tips over, it has an automatic shut off feature for added safety.

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