Hunting Season Is Upon Us – Part 3: Tree Stands

For the final installment of this three part series we look at a new addition to the VM lineup this year, Summit Tree Stands. Hunters of all skill level can benefit from the use of a tree stand and because Summit has been providing the best quality stands for over 30 years the selection is excellent. Hopefully you have been using our feeders and cameras (click the links for the previous blog posts about those!) and have your area and game well scoped out, the only thing left is the actual hunt.

If you read my previous posts you know that I am more of a “fair weather” hunter so tromping through the brush and woods looking for my game is not something that interests me. That is why tree stands are perfect for me and hunters of all kinds, not only do they provide a comfortable perch and advantage of an above ground seat, my beef jerkey and drink of choice won’t spill while I wait! This year we have many varieties of stands to offer in both climbing and non-climbing styles.


Summit Perch Crush: 82069-PERCH

82069-PERCH SUMMIT Perch Crush Series 82069 Hang On Tree Stand 18"x22" - Bow & Rifle Deer HuntingThis entry level hang on stand can hold up to a 300 lb single user and comes with a roomy 18″ x 22″ platform. Other specifications include:

  • Stand Weight: 16 lbs.
  • Construction: Steel
  • Tree Size: 8 – 20″ Diameter
  • Seat Height: 19″ From Platform
  • Seat Size: 16″ wide by 9″ long

A padded, removable seat and 4 point FAS harness with safety strap this basic unit still comes with many of the key features hunters need.


82070-STOOP SUMMIT Stoop Crush Series 82070 Hang On Tree Stand 25"x25" - Bow & Rifle Deer Hunting

Summit Stoop Crush Series: 82070-STOOP

A larger unit then the perch this stand has similar construction but with a 25″ x 25″ base. All other specifications are identical to the perch but with the larger base you have more room for storage and to move/setup.


Summit Viper SD: 81080-VIPERSD

One of the most well known and popular models the Viper was introduced over 14 years ago. Featuring light weight (the entire stand is only 20 lbs) dead metal technology this stand is quiet, comfortable, and works for both bow and rifle hunting.

81080-VIPERSD Summit Viper SD 81080 Self Climbing Treestand - Bow & Rifle Deer Hunting

  • Cons truction: Aluminum
  • Tree Size: 8 – 20″ Diameter
  • Seat H ei ght: Adjustable
  • Seat Size: (base) 18″ wide by 12″ long (backrest) 12″ wide by 20″ long
  • Overall Size: 20″ wide by 36″ long
  • Platform A rea: 20″ wide by 28 3/4″ long
  • Seat Frame Size: 19 3/4″ wide by 26 1/2″ long
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs.

Summit Solo Deluxe: 82068-FLATLINE

82068-FLATLINE Summit Solo Deluxe Performer Crush Series 14.5' Ladderstand Treestand 82068 - Deer Hunting

A step up from the similar Solo Performer this unit is 14.5′ from ground to platform and comes with a lightweight frame featuring a suspension seat with backrest and Cam lock stabilizer straps.

  • Stand Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Construction: Steel
  • Tree Size: 8 – 20″ Diameter
  • Seat Height: 19″ From Platform
  • Seat Size: (base) 19″ wide by 10 1/2″ long with backrest
  • Overall Size: (platform) 19″ wide by 12″ long (14.5′ tall from ground to platform)
  • Platform Area: 19″ wide by 12″ long
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs.

As you can see Summit stands come in a wide variety of styles but each and every one offers something special that any hunter would be proud to own. These can greatly improve your hunting season this fall and for many years to come (Most Summit stands come with a Full 5 year warranty!). Visit our direct website for these an many other options!

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