Hunting Season Is Upon Us – Part 2: Feeders

Part two of this three part hunting series is regarding something that not only goes hand in hand with my last weeks post, Moultrie Cameras, but is something that can allow you to keep game happy and healthy throughout the food scarce winter or drought ridden summers and make sure that when the hunting season does come you are able to bag the best quality game. However these units are not only for hunters as any wildlife photographer, general interest animal lover, or someone who just wants some backyard visitors, these feeders are easy to use and set up and can be utilized for a number of situations.

Unfortunately here in Nebraska we have had a massive outbreak of Blue Tongue disease that is affecting a large majority of hunting areas throughout the state. I can see no better time for a feeder system to be implemented in my own hunting area to hopefully keep the midge away and the blue tongue from my bucks. (Hopefully you out of state hunters haven’t run into the same sad problems) Luckily for me and all of you that are in the same boat or have your own personal use for a feeder, VM Innovations has a few great options at extremely reasonable prices.


PHB30B Moultrie Tripod Feeder - 30 Gallon Pro Hunter Game Deer FeederThis feeder is one of the most universal and popular units offered. With a 30 gallon, 200 lb. capacity (approximately 4 months worth of feed depending on amount and timing of feedings) you can schedule feedings up to 6 times a day with the programmable interface.  With the ability to be used in multiple settings it is ideal for flat, open areas  and features a durable, plastic tapered hopper that keeps feed fresh and dry with a lockable flip lid for security. Other features include:

  • New up-to-the-minute timer lets you precisely program start time
  • Customize feed amounts with variable feed settings (1-20 seconds run time)
  • Diamond-shaped metal spin plate and funnel
  • 360º feed pattern for widespread coverage
  • ABS plastic kit housing is easily removed from outside of barrel without having to empty the feeder
  • Option to operate on one 6-volt battery (not included) or 4 D-cell batteries
  • 2 Year Warranty: (1 Year Manufacturer Warranty + 1 Year VMinnovations Warranty)


PHBK Moultrie Pro Hunter Kit Deer Feeder | PHBKThis second model is not the full tripod system as before but is the timer upgrade that can can be attached to any tripod system or home made system you may already have. With the same great interface allowing up to 6 different feeding times and customizable feed amounts (settings allow feed times from 1-20 seconds) this unit can vastly improve and upgrade an already set up feeding system. With this addition to your system gone are the days of manual feedings, worry, and constant upkeep. Other features include:

  • Metal spin plate and funnel protects against varmints.
  • 360º feed pattern for widespread coverage.
  • ABS plastic housing is durable and user friendly.
  • All hardware is included that is needed to complete your feeder.
  • Option to operate on one 6-volt battery or 4 D-cell batteries (NOT INCLUDED).
  • 2 Year Warranty: (1 Year Manufacturer Warranty + 1 Year VMInnovations Warranty!)

Don’t let this year be the year that blue tongue gets you down, increase the visibility and health of your game to allow the most enjoyable and successful hunting season of your life. These feeding options and others found on our website can provide you with the best hunting experience this fall/winter season and for many years to come!

PS: For solar panels, 6 volt batteries, chargers, feed, and other accessories please visit our website for more great deals!


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