How To Reset Husqvarna Chain Brake – Easy Fix to Stuck Chain Brake Problem

Did your Husqvarna’s chain brake get stuck while you were trying to install the bar and the chain?  Can’t get the clutch cover back on?  If you were searching for how to reset the chain brake after its locked out,  look no further. After reading this post (or watching the video) you will learn how to disengage and reset the chain brake if the clutch cover was improperly removed.

Per Husqvarna’s official instructions, before removing the clutch-cover, it is very important that the chain-brake is in disengaged position. To do that, just pull the front hand-guard all the way back towards the front handle. You should hear an audible crack when that happens. The cover should come off easily, if it does not come off easily that means the brake is still engaged.

From time to time we receive customer inquiries about not being able to put the clutch cover back because they took off the clutch cover while the chain break was still engaged. If you happen to remove the cover without disengaging the chain brake, here is a tip on how to easily reset the chain brake:

  1. Set the chainsaw on the firm surface
  2. Push the chain break (front hand guard) all the way forward
  3. Line the clutch cover over chainsaw, and push it in (requires some force) that will reset the spring
  4. When you take the cover back off the chain brake will be in disengaged and ready for proper installation

Here is a video explaining and showing the process:

How to Fix Husqvarna Chain Break Problem from VMInnovations on Vimeo.


  • Check that the chain brake is in disengaged position by moving the front hand guard towards the front handle.
  • Unscrew the bar nut and remove the clutch cover (chain brake)
  • Fit the bar over the bar bolt.
  • Place the bar in its rearmost position.
  • Place the chain over the drive sprocket and in the groove on the bar.
  • Make sure that the edges of the cutting links are facing forward on the top edge of the bar.
  • Mount the clutch cover and tighten the bar nut with your fingers.
  • Tension the chain by turning the chain tensioning screw clockwise using the combination spanner. The chain should be tensioned until it does not sag from the underside of the bar. The chain is correctly tensioned when there is no slack on the underside of the bar, and it can still be turned easily by hand. Tighten the bar nut with the combination spanner while holding up the tip of the bar.
  • When fitting a new chain, the chain tension has to be checked frequently until the chain is run-in. Check the chain tension regularly. A correctly tensioned chain ensures good cutting performance and long life.


Here is a video explaining the process in detail:

Bonus Tips from the Pros:

  • Wear personal protection equipment, including gloves, eye protection, chaps, a hard hat, & ear protection.
  • Always begin the cut with the throttle wide open.
  • Never touch the tip to anything & learn about “kickback” (video here), it’s causes and how to foresee its occurrence.
  • Learn how to use a wedge.
  • Don’t fell until you are more experienced.
  • Make all cuts while standing solidly, not fatigued, not off balance, and think through the cut before making it.
  • Keep your chain sharp!
  • Don’t let the chain touch the dirt.
  • Sooner or later the chain will grab and move in an unexpected direction–don’t have body parts in its path!
  • Never cut one-handed & keep your left hand in its proper position so as to activate the chain brake.
  • Don’t climb a ladder to cut.
  • Be Safe – tips courtesy of the TheBeekeeper1.


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  1. 1

    could you please post a comment/video or email me on how to reset the chain brake on a 562 xp. It has a different configuration than the one shown in your video.

  2. 3

    I was glad I found this. I had to put my second chain on and had no problem until I realized it was backwards. The second time, I could not for the life of me get the clutch to go back on. I saw what the problem was but the triangular disc would not budge.
    This ended up being a five second fix thanks to your info.
    Be safe.

  3. 4
    Hallie McKinley

    Thanks for the info. The cover wouldn’t come off and I couldn’t get it back on all the way either. After seeing the video I was able to get the cover back on and then off without any problem.The video may not get the most hits on the web but I am thankful it was there when I needed it. Thank you again.

  4. 7
    Susan C

    Very helpful! I’d not had this happen in three years of use then did it twice in as many weeks. I hated to have to go back to the dealer so soon for what’s essential operator error. It didn’t work the first try but the saw is now working again. Thanks so much

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