How To Get That Green….Lawn.

Finding a way to get the green is always the number one question that we all would love to know the answer to. But how about finding a way to grow that green lawn you’ve always dreamed of? We know that has been on your mind too.

To help find the answer to tackling this frustrating problem, we are going to help you know when & how to get started, as well as what not to do.

First step to always start with is raking your lawn. I hate raking, you hate raking, we all hate raking but we have to do it! When you are raking in the spring, do not rake when the ground is wet. If you do, you will be trampling your current grass. When you are able to finally rake, not only remove the leaves & other debris but also use a fan rake to lift up your grass. In other words, ‘fluff’ your grass.

The next step is to aerate. There are two methods for aerating – first is you can use an aerating machine, or second you can use a liquid aerating solution. If you use the solution, simply pour it into your new dirt before laying it down. Make sure you mix it up well and that your new dirt is leveled across your whole lawn.

The third step depends on what you are ultimately needing to accomplish this year with your lawn. Either you need to add grass seed, or you need to kill the weeds. Do note that both of these cannot be done at the same time because any weed killer will kill your grass seed as well. If you do go with laying down more grass seed, remember to mow your grass down to 2 inches or less and then lay the seed.

So it’s as simple as that for starting on growing that luscious lawn. Now we have some more spring tips of what else you can do to prepare your lawn for this summer.

1.) Trim your trees, shrubs & brushes. Now is a great time to cut off all damaged limbs and reshape.

2.) Clean up your borders between lawn & garden. Check for broken border areas, overgrown sports and anything else that may cause issues when the growing season actually begins.

3.) Straighten up your walkways such as paths, sidewalks, and driveways. Weed these areas and trim up your lines.

All in all, that is a great start to your lawn! Now how about that garden!

Early spring is not the best time to go digging in the dirt due to everything being so wet. Instead of planting outside, consider starting somresource.ashxe seeds inside.

This is all dependent on the type of plants you are growing but, for the most, you can start out on a heat mat with a grow light overhead. VMInnovations offers a great starter kit for this here.

If you are a newbie to starting your own seeds, Gabe from Life From The Ground Up has some great basics to clarify on the why & how of seed starting.

tkvaq52d6154fae830If you are only looking to grow bulbs at this time, we have some great pointers for that as well!

With bulbs, it’s all about timing. Tulips & Daffodils require a minimum of 12 weeks for just their rooting period. To get started though, is simple. Place your bulbs in a pot with at least 2 inches of soil below the bulbs (reference image to the left from Hometalk). Then cover with soil, water in & place in a cold, dark area of your home. Once you start having consistently warm days, place your pots outside and the bulbs will respond to the warmer temperatures and begin to push up & out of the soil. Thenwait another 2-4 weeks after you move them outside for the the bulbs to bloom!

If you do not have the space to do this full process, we have recently read a lot of articles about forcing tulip bulbs to bloom in just water. To do that, follow these easy steps:

1. Choose large tulip bulbs from the store. As they say – the larger the bulb, the bigger the bloom.

2. Chill your bulbs for the recommend time (usually between 12-15 weeks) in a refrigerator. Do keep the bulbs away from your fruit though because fruit gives off a gas that will prevent your bulbs from blooming. You don’t want to occur after you have waited 12 weeks!Forcing Tulips in Water[4]

3. After your chill period, place a handful of glass beads in a tall vase and arrange your bulbs on top of the beads, pointed side up!

4. Fill water up to just under the bottom of the bulbs. You do not want the water to touch the base of the bulbs.

5. Place in a room with bright but indirect sunlight and continue to keep water at the right level. Then watch your bulbs grow & bloom, such as Sand & Sisal‘s did to the right!

Okay, moving on from bulbs! The other step you can focus on for spring is cleaning up your garden! Pull out any leftover plants from the prior season. Pick up any sticks, leaves or debris. While doing so, remember to not walk too much in your planting area because doing so, will cause major soil compaction.

Enjoy this upcoming spring weather and get ready for another amazing summer that is fast approaching! Hope you feel that you received some interesting advice & tips for answering that frustrating question of – how to get that green lawn! Enjoy and share any other tips or stories that you have in the comments.

Anna Keiser