Dual Voice Coils

Dual Voice Coils

What are Dual Voice Coil Subwoofers?

You know you have a dual voice coil subwoofer when your subwoofer has two sets of terminals to wire into. This means that your subwoofer has 2 sets of positive and 2 sets of negative inputs instead of just the standard one set on a  Single Voice Coil (SVC) subwoofer or speaker. All VM Audio subwoofers include dual voice coils.

The Benefits of Dual Voice Coil

Why would this be beneficial? This offers a lot more versatility for your setup by offering more wiring configurations than a standard single voice coil speaker.  Every wiring configuration will work in 2 different ways instead of just one. This allows your subwoofers to be compatible with almost every amplifier on the market.

How to Wire your DVC Subwoofers:

Wiring one or more dual voice coil subwoofers can be a bit trickier than wiring standard single voice coil speakers or subwoofers. All VM Audio subwoofers such as the VM-ECW120 Encore Subwoofer, are all dual 4-ohm subwoofers. When you wire just one into one channel on an amplifier, you will actually be wiring the subwoofer down to 2 ohms or up to 8 ohms. This is due to how the electrical current runs through the speaker – depending on how you wire it. Check out a few of these diagrams, and they can lay out the basics of wiring DVC subwoofers.

One Dual Voice Coil subwoofer can be wired at 2 ohms or 8 ohms into a single channel. Most people prefer going down to 2 ohms, but depending on your amplifier/subwoofer combination, you may want to wire up to 8 ohms.



The most stable way to hook up two subwoofers into your two channel amplifier will be to bridge it at 4 ohms. This will provide the subwoofers will consistent power to both subwoofers maximizing your sound.

2 DVC Subwoofers

Check out more wiring setups for VM Audio subwoofers to figure out which one works best for your setup.

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