The Difference Between Passive DJ Speakers & Active DJ Speakers

Searching for those perfect DJ or PA speakers can be quite a task if you do not know what you are looking for! VMInnovations is here to make that process a bit easier, by explaining the difference between active and passive DJ Speakers.

Passive DJ Speakers

VAS38P-PAIR 2) VM Audio VAS38P 8-Inch 400W 3 Way DJ Passive Loud PA Speakers System The main difference between active and passive DJ speakers is their power source. To put it simply, active speakers power themselves while passive speakers need an external source of power.  For example, take a look at the VM Audio VAS38P Passive DJ Speaker. Many speakers like this one, will make it very clear if they are active or passive in their title. If they do not, when you  look at the back of the speaker there will be a way to connect bare speaker wire such as the Pyle PSC14100, which is a dead giveaway that the speakers are passive.

To power passive speakers, you will need to pair them with either an amplifier or a home audio receiver. Without one of these power sources, passive speakers will not have the power to work. You first connect the passive DJ speakers to the amplifier or receiver and then you will be able to connect your latop, DJ mixer, phone or other input device into the receiver’s input. This is the case, because with passive speakers there is no direct way to play sound from your music source directly through the speakers. Besides this additional purchase, passive speakers do have some great benefits. One of the best benefits is theokay  ability to set passive speakers away from one another. This is true because by using bare speaker wire to connect one another, the wire provides you with some extra length to create distance between the two speakers. Ultimately, this will help you save on cost because it will be less expensive to set these speakers up in separate rooms or on opposite ends of one room, if that is your goal. Active speakers won’t have that same range. Passive speakers are also a lot lighter and easier to move than active speakers which make them easier to haul to events. The price on passive speakers is also a lot cheaper than active DJ Speakers, but you do have to think about the cost of an amplifier.  Just an FYI, these principles for how to power passive DJ speakers can be applied to home stereos as well as car audio setups, when purchasing those.

Active DJ SpeakersPPHP898A Pyle PPHP898A 800W 8'' 2-Way Plastic Molded Powered Amplified Speaker Systems (Pair)

Active DJ Speakers, on the other hand, have their own amplifiers built in. You can connect directly to them with a DJ Mixer, laptop, phone and many times even Bluetooth. It makes it much easier to purchase because you do not have to worry about purchasing the correct amplifier/receiver to go along with your speakers. Even without the cost of purchasing a receiver/amplifier, active speakers can be the more expensive setup at times. Unfortunately, they are also heavier to move. The benefits of not having to own an amplifier and the ease of knowing that it pushes the exact power that is needed, can make shopping for active DJ Speakers a much simpler task, such as purchasing the Pyle Pro PPHP898A Active Speakers. You just purchase these and hook your music source (DJ Mixer, laptop, phone, etc) right into them. However, the cost of these are more expensive than purchasing two VAS38P speakers with an amplifier to match so it all comes down to preference in the end.

We hope this makes purchasing your DJ Speakers a bit easier as you should now know exactly what the difference is between active and passive DJ speakers! Check out the other great options that we have to offer at – passive and active!

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