Choosing Between a Straight Shaft or Curved Shaft String Trimmer

Shopping for that perfect trimmer just got a little easier this year! VMInnovations is on board to help you decide between that straight shaft or curved shaft trimmer for your lawn care needs.

When comparing which style to purchase, you will need to consider a variety of different factors, such as whether you are using it for professional or personal lawn care, weight, durability, and your own physical comfort needs.

Straight Shaft Trimmers

straightStraight shaft string trimmers are generally used by landscape professionals and for more heavy duty trimming. They may be slightly more expensive, but they are more powerful, durable, and versatile than the curved shaft style. Because it is longer in length, the straight shaft trimmer will also provide a wider range of visibility and reach for easier cutting under bushes, fences, and other hard to reach areas. These things will normally allow you to get the job completed faster, but one drawback to the straight shaft trimmer is that it will require a little more effort to operate. This is due to the straight shaft being heavier when compared to the curved shaft trimmer. An added bonus is that many straight shaft trimmers are also designed to accept other lawn care attachments, such as pruner, edger, tiller, hedge trimmer, and brush cutter attachments.


Curved Shaft Trimmerscurved

Curved shaft trimmers are generally inexpensive and great for most home owners who take care of their own lawn upkeep. Some home owners also prefer the feel of the curved style because it is more comfortable to use. This is because the curved shaft is lighter weight and is designed for better balance from its shorter shaft. However, these benefits can be offset, as it is harder to get under bushes and hard to reach areas with the curved shaft style. Taller than average people may also find the curved shaft trimmer to be a disadvantage from having to reach down a little further to operate it.

We hope you received the information you were looking for in selecting the trimmer style that fits best for you! Enjoy the warmer weather quickly approaching, and check out all the great lawn and garden products we have to offer at

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