Chainsaw Starting Instructions

How-to start your Chainsaw

Now that the bar and chain are on the unit and the chain is tensioned correctly you are ready to start the unit. (If you have not yet assembled your saw please go here for instructions!)

  1. Fill the unit with the proper oil and gas mixture. Be sure not to use old gas or E85 and as a general rule, you will want to use a higher-octane fuel (91 or 93).
  2. Engage the chain brake by pushing the handle forward or towards the bar for safety purposes while starting the unit
  3. Prep the unit by pumping the primer bulb until you see gas in said bulb. (On a cold engine this usually takes at least 6 pumps however the bulb need not be fully filled)
  4. Set the choke to open  (If you have a decompression valve on your unit press that valve for easier starting however not all units have this feature)
  5. Grip the front handle and hold the chainsaw on the ground by placing your foot through the rear handle. Pull the starter cord until the engine fires (typically it will die right away but this is completely normal the engine is now ready to be fully started)
  6. Turn the choke off or to the closed position and now pull the cord again until the engine starts and fully fires.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        *As a general rule don’t be discouraged if it’s taking multiple pulls for each of steps 5 and 6 as a refurbished or cold engine will take some working with as they have not typically been ran in some time
  7. Once the engine starts let it sit and idle for a few minutes before pulling the trigger and opening the throttle to allow the machine to warm up
  8. Now that the engine is running and warm, you are ready to disengage the chain brake by pulling the handle back towards your body.  Once that clicks, the chain is now free to move when you pull the trigger meaning you are ready to start using the saw.

Starting your Chainsaw

*Please note this video is of a new saw that may not match the model you have so your starting process may differ and require more work if your saw is refurbished.


Please consult your manual or the manufacturer directly if you are having issues otherwise let us know and we directly would be glad to assist!

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