Blendtec ICB3 Blender Review

Originally priced at $1,499, the Blendtec ICB3 is a robust all-in-one commercial blender designed to blend virtually anything while withstanding extreme conditions and long operating hours.   These blenders were designed & manufactured for a large coffee chain based in US (cough…Starbucks).  Until recently these blenders were used exclusively by bars and coffee shops; hence why majority of customers have never heard of the ICB3 model of Blendtec.

Weighing 18 lb. and measuring 17″H x 8″W x 8″D an ICB3 blender is taller and heavier than your average consumer grade blender.  If needed you can reduce the overall height by 6 inches & install this blender in your counter (11″H x 8″W x 8″D).  Blendtec ICB3 features a powerful 1500Watt (3HP peak) 13 amp motor, aggressive & durable double sided stainless steel blade and virtually indestructible polycarbonate 64 oz. jar.   Here is the good news, the 64oz Blendtec carafes are interchangeable.  If you ever need to, you can replace your carafe with a consumer grade Blendtec carafe like the Wildside.

You might have read about how loud commercial blenders can be, thankfully the Blendtec ICB3 features a sound enclosure that helps reduce the sound by a few decibels.  For simple operation this blender features 4 buttons with pre-programmed blending cycles.  Unlike the Vitamix blender, you don’t have to waste time supervising ICB3 while it blends.  The two preprogrammed digital controls offer a press and walk away benefit.

In reality, Blendtec ICB3 blender is an all in one kitchen utility that allows you to make cocktails, fresh juices, grind coffee, make soup or ice cream, and turn ice into snow.  It can replace up to 9 other devices at a fraction of the cost.  Unlike a juicer, ICB3 will blend whole fruits and vegetables turning them into drinkable form without wasting any nutritious pulp and fiber.

One of our customers noted this in her review: “My Blendtec from VMInnovations arrived a few days ago and I immediately made a chai-spiced chia seed mousse.  This was a good test as it required the blender to create a smooth texture out of whole almonds, chia seeds, and sticky dates.  The texture was awesome – very smooth and light.”

Blendtec ICB3 Product Notes by VMInnovations:


  • It blends virtually anything and does it faster than other blenders
  • The carafe is easy to clean & interchangeable with other models
  • Simple one-touch operation, no supervision required.
  • Unlike Vitamix, Blendtec’s double sided blade and jar design is so effective that you don’t need a tamper to get things blended
  • This commercial blender is built to last


  • Although enclosure helps reduce the noise due to its massive motor it’s still louder than most consumer blenders
  • Jar may show signs of use.

Note: the  lids of commercial blenders like ICB3 are designed to allow air escape during high speed operation and do not seal tightly.  This allows the Blender to be used in high traffic settings.  To completely seal the Blendtec when in use, it is recommended that the Sound Shroud is removed and lid is held down or replacing the commercial lid with consumer grade lid.

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Below is a video demonstration of an entry level (consumer grade) Blendtec Total Blender in action… Note: don’t try this at home as it will void the warranty: