How To Program The Blendtec ICB3 Blender

In addition to comments on ICB3 review page, we received a few emails from our customers asking how to program the Blendtec ICB3 Blender. It is a fairly easy process and only takes a few seconds. You really don’t need any special cables or tools either. Just follow the steps below and you will program your Blendtec to fit your specific needs in no time.

Blendtec Cycle Chart

First things first, to experiment with all 30 blending cycles you will need to download the blendtec cycle chart.

Download and print the following chart, it will help you reprogram the ghost buttons:

Step by step instruction on how to reprogram the keys on Blendtec ICB3 blender via ghost/blank buttons using the above instructions:

1. Notice the button order on the ICB3 below is as follows:
[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ blank ] [ blank ] [ LO ] [ HI ] Ghost buttons between 1,2,LO, HI are 3 and 4. Also LO =5 & HI=P.

2. When referring to the chart translate the buttons from left to right:
[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ P ] (reference charts button layout)
like so:
[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ b ] [ b ] [ L ] [ H ] (your blender’s button layout)

3. Now, assuming you would like to choose the “Multipurpose” profile you will need to quickly press the following three digit code into the keypad:

[ 3 ] [ P ] [ 3 ] which translates to [ first blank button ] [ HI ] [ first blank button ] or
[ b ] [ H ] [ b ]. Remember to press hard enough for the buttons to register

Here is a quick video instruction along with the full video review of Blendtec ICB Blender. Fast forward to 5m:30 sec to watch the reprogramming:


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  1. 1

    I am interested in purchasing one of these blenders. Can you tell me what you know as far as their history…how old…how much used. Also I wanted to know how you’ve refurbished them..blades, motors…ect. I already know that blendtec makes a great blender but I don’t have $200.00 to to throw away on somthing that will only last a year. So please tell me truthfully all you know so I can make an informed decision. Thank you,

    • 2
      Kush A.

      Prior to being re-manufactured by an independent 3rd party, these blenders were previously used in a commercial setting. You can check-out the re-manufacturing process here:

      I’ve been using mine for about 4 month now without any issues. Please note that most of these blenders will not look brand new and some will show more signs of use/wear on the outside than others.

      By the way, the return policy on is updated. There is no restocking fees and defective goods will be replaced without any shipping fees (=no extra out of pocket expenses).

      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. 3

    I purchased a Blendtec ICB-3 from you.
    I called Blendtec customer service. They confirmed that the unit (serial number 312V-24570) was custom programmed for the major coffee chain and cannot be reprogrammed. It can make milkshakes not frozen fruit smoothies.

    Blendtec offered that if I send the base to them, that they will send me a new programmable base for $350.

    I have have watched the entire video, watched Blendtec’s video, read the programming card, and experimented with pressing buttons. I am unable to reprogram the unit or return it to factory settings.

    The re-manufacturing process apparently resets the counter to 00000.
    If restoring original factory programming is so simple, why wasn’t that done too?

    • 4
      Kush A.

      Hi Den,

      sorry you are having troubles re-programming the keys. To be honest when called Blendtec CS they will say that you can’t re-program it. However, I’ve personally tested and reprogrammed a few units including the one I use at home. You just have to be sure to QUICKLY press the buttons otherwise it won’t register.

      If it still doesn’t work please feel free to call me 866.639.9320 and I’ll be happy to help you set it up.


  3. 5

    I ordered two Blendtec icb3 blenders and one of them does our smoothies perfectly the other one I have reprogrammed to try and it get it to make the smoothies as well as the other…my question is, is there anyway to check to see what code was used to program the button?

    • 6
      Y. Levy

      Hi Amy,Just got two blendtecs called blendtec they said its $350.00 to program it so this is what I did I use my blenders for green smoothies they work fine you have 1 2 o o LO HI (o o) is the space between 2 & LO it is two ghost buttons press 2 then the second o button then HI it will beep the display will read Button press 1 it will beep the display will read enter cycle press LO then HI it will beep twice your blender will run for 50 sec. on speed 9 when you press 1 good luck ( press buttons quickly or it wont work when you program it) .

  4. 10

    just received 2 blenders to replace the other 2 that we have been using here in the coffee shop for the past 8yrs. I was excited about being able to get the new sound enclosure with them, like what is shown in your listing. Guess what, they are the old style. Little bummed that your product you have listed to buy isn’t actually what you sent to me. I think you have a great product & I wouldn’t use anything else, i would recommend stating that the enclosure may not be the same.

  5. 11
    Erik Hauser

    Could someone please email me the chart that is applicable for the ICB# model? I was under the impression that I was getting the top-of-the-line blender, but when I downloaded the chart per your link – it shows a chart for the plus model. Any help that you can provide would be great!!!!!!

    • 12

      Hey Erik,

      the chart above is applicable to the ICB model, per instructions above:

      2. When referring to the chart in the PDF doc translate the buttons from left to right:
      [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ P ] (reference charts button layout on PDF)
      like so:
      [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ b ] [ b ] [ L ] [ H ] (your blender’s button layout)

  6. 13

    So why reprogram this unit? Is this necessary in order to follow BlendTec recipes etc? I just got mine. Great deal. Haven’t used it yet but wanting to know the benefits/necessity of this. Thanks

  7. 15

    Trying to find the settings that are equivalent to those on the consumer version so I can make some of the recipes sent in the emails. Actually I’m not so convinced that you can’t just use any speed to get the desired product but it would be nice to know what the equivalents are if any. I don’t have $350 around to send in to get a new programable base 🙁

    • 16

      I’d recommend setting the blender on “Multipurpose” profile yourself (instructions above). No need to send the base to anyone, and if that doesn’t suite your needs try one of the other profiles? Hope this helps.

    • 18

      I don’t think so – Andy. Per instructions, there are “nine (9) blending speeds and thirty (30) pre-programmed blend cycles are stored within its memory”.

  8. 19

    Hi Kush,

    I just received my icb3 for Christmas and was looking over the cycle chart. I was considering ordering the blendtec recipe book and was wondering if you know which cycles are used for soups and batter with breads? Thanks!

    Jean Kidd

    • 20

      Howdy Jean,

      For soups I’d recommend setting your blender for multipurpose setting and pushing button #5 from the left marked as LO. You’d need to run it x2 cycles for a warm soup. If you put in warm liquids your soup should be warmer/hot.

      Also, for soups I’d recommend upgrading your jar to a WildSite Jar or at the very least upgrading your lid to a vented one. Reason being, when blending soups, friction of the blade will heat the contents within causing some steam etc. and the vented lid will allow the pressure/steam to evaporate.

      Hope it helps.

  9. 23

    Hi there, just ordered a unit and although I understand that it is used and that it will have wear marks, I’m hoping that it will work properly and that it will not require any replacement parts immediately. Would like to get some feedback from buyers if possible regarding the condition of the units people have purchased.

    • 25
      Shanley Reynolds


      I would suggest giving Blendtec a call at: 1-800-BLENDTEC (1-800-253-6383) to see if they can help you with specific directions on how to change what’s on the screen.

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