How to Adjust a 2-Cycle Carburetor

How to Adjust a 2 cycle carb:


a. There are two screws on the carb — one for idle and one for high speed. (These are typically noted with symbols H (High) and L (Low). There is also a third screw to determine how fast you want the unit to idle once the carb is adjusted known as the T (throttle) screw.
b. Start with the H and L screws both backed out from the closed position two turns (Essentially each needs to be closed completely then OPENED two turns).
c. Crank the motor and get the unit warmed up. Use the same above instructions with the choke lever to get the unit running (because carb needs adjusted you may need to open the unit up by depressing the throttle to get the unit running)
d. While the unit is idling on its own then slowly turn the idle screw (L or Low screw) IN until the unit starts to die. When this happens stop turning and back the screw out a quarter- to half-turn to the ideal position.
e. Now hold the throttle wide open and slowly turn the high-speed screw IN until you hear the engine begin to smooth out and rev high. When the engine starts “screaming,” back this screw out again until the unit starts to run rough or slow down. Once you find this high and low point set the high-speed screw in the middle.
f. If you are confused about this just listen to the unit you should be able to hear when its running smoothly
g. This process can be confusing but more information can be found online at our website or on or from a service center or the manufacturer directly!


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