Above-Ground Pools | Top 5 Ways to Save Money

Thanks to Swim University for these great tips!

Store your equipment correctly

One of the biggest reasons pool owners replace their vacuum heads is because the brushes on them have gotten flattened or fallen off during storage. Just like your household broom, gravity and time can do major damage to your vacuum head, so it’s important that it’s stored correctly.

Store your vacuum head upside-down (bristle-side up), out of the sun and elements (in your garage or shed) to make sure it stays in pristine condition during the winter. You can double the life of your vacuum head just by storing it bristles-side up. Same goes for your hoses, toys, games, floats, skimmer nets, wall brushes and telescopic poles. A little TLC during the off-season will do a world of difference when it comes to your wallet in the on-season.

Close your above-ground pool yourself

It can cost up to $250 to close an above-ground pool (depending on the size of your pool), so doing it yourself can save you a ton of money.

What you’ll need:
 How to close your above-ground pool
  1. Add closing chemicals
  2. Drain your pool to 6-8″ below the skimmer
  3. Remove the hoses from your pool filter and pump
  4. Remove all the drain plugs from your pump and filter, store them in the pump basket
  5. Store your pump and filter in a safe place (unless you own a sand filter)
  6. Install a winter plug in the return line
  7. Blow up the air pillow and place it in the middle of the pool
  8. Drape the cover over the pool and secure it with a cable or winch

Use a robotic pool cleaner

Robotic pool cleaners are self-contained units that run off of electricity and can clean an entire swimming pool fast. They drive around the pool on their own and can climb up walls and stairs to collect all kinds of debris in their mesh filter bags. They’re great for keeping your pool clean without all the effort you’d put in normally (and who needs sore shoulders from vacuuming it yourself, right?)

Although the sheer convenience of having a robotic pool cleaner is great, it can also save you money. Since robotic pool cleaners also filter the water (through that mesh filter bag we mentioned), you don’t have to run your pool pump while it’s cleaning, and since robotic pool cleaners cost so much less to run,  you’ll save money without sacrificing the cleanliness of your pool.

Buy pool chemicals in bulk

Much like toilet paper and cheesy puffs (yes, those are a necessity), buying your pool chemicals in bulk can ease the strain on your wallet– Take advantage of buying in bulk when it comes to your pool chemicals, especially chlorine and powdered shock. When it comes to buying pool chemicals, make sure to have a supply of shock, chlorine and alkalinity increaser. These chemicals can last more than a year, and if you have leftovers, they can usually be used the next year. Plus, you’ll have the added convenience of always having those chemicals at-hand instead of making that weekend trip to the pool supply store (or our website) to buy more– Meaning, more time lounging, less time shopping.

Shock your pool every week 

Making sure your pool is shocked weekly during the summer is pretty easy– You’re using it, and you need it to be crystal-clean. But when cooler weather comes around, maintaining your pool during the winter can really pay off.

Maintaining your pool water means less time running your pump (than if you were to triple shock it and run the filter non-stop), and more money in your pocket now, means more money for pool toys and accessories later!

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