Kokido Dipper Automatic Hydraulic Above Ground Pool Cleaner w/ Leaf Canister

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Brand: Kokido
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Keep your pool water sparkling clean all season long with the Kokido Dipper automatic pool cleaner. The Dipper Automatic Pool Vacuum is easy to install, making it easy to keep your pool water clean. Just connect the Dipper's hose to your filter pump, place the vac in the pool and let it go to work. It is design for medium-sized, above ground pools and requires a minimum flow rate of 1,300 gallons per hour and minimum 0.5 horsepower filtration system.

Also included with your cleaner is the Kokido Leaf Canister that connects between hoses of automatic pool cleaners to suck up leaves from the pool water before they reach the low-powered pump or filter. It prevents clogging and prolongs the life of your swimming pool pump, motor, and filter by trapping twigs, pebbles, and hair. The clear plastic construction allows you see if it's full and needs to be cleaned out.

  • Kokido Dipper Automatic Pool Cleaner
    • Membrane technology ensures quiet operation with optimal cleaning efficiency
    • Low maintenance with only one moving part
    • Lightweight design enables it to clean rapidly across the pool floor
    • Integrated handle for carrying and lifting from the pool
    • Easy access to change the diaphragm with simple twist and lock cassette
    • Easy to install just connects to your filter pump
    • Recommended for medium-sized above ground pools up to 20 feet
    • Also suitable for inclined bottom pools
    • Includes 27-foot standard hose
    • Minimum system flow rate: 1,300 gallons per hour
    • Minimum filtration system: 0.5 horsepower
    • Warranty: 30-day
    • Part number: K910CBX
  • Kokido Leaf Canister for Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner
    • Connects between standard hoses of any automatic pool cleaner
    • Traps leaves, twigs, hair, and pebbles before they get to the pool pump or filter
    • Reduces the need to clean the strainer basket, the skimmer, filter, and pump
    • Prolongs the life of the pump and motor by preventing clogging
    • Clear plastic construction allows user to see if emptying is required without needing to open the canister
    • For use with low powered pumps
    • Minimum pump power: 0.5 HP
    • Minimum system flow rate: 1,300 GPH
    • Warranty: 30-day Kokido warranty against product defects
    • Part number: AC05CBX
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