Lanzar 6000-Watt 2-Channel Mosfet Amplifier + VM Audio 4-Gauge Car Audio Amplifier Wiring Kit

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Brand: Lanzar
Condition: New
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Get the performance, quality, and customized function out of your car audio that you've come to expect with the Lanzar 6000W 2-Channel Mosfet Amplifier w/ VM Audio 4-Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kit package! This amplifier can do 1500 watts per channel of RMS power at 4 ohms and 2400 watts per channel when each channel is wired to 2 ohms. This is a total of 6000 watts RMS power! Easily power your car speakers or bridge the channels at 4 ohms and run a subwoofer to this amplifier. A unique feature on this amplifier is the remote bass control knob.

Also included is the Shaker Series Amplifier Installation Kit a true lifesaver, it's also designed to make your entire sound system work at peak performance. These high-performance copper wires are wrapped in the durable and flexible SurfaceFlex wire jacket for effective cable routing. The CRB fuse holder has been specially plated with nickel for corrosion protection against the elements. Last but not least, distortion and external noise are reduced to a minimum with the Strand Interaction Conductor.

  • Lanzar 6000-Watt 2-Channel Mosfet Amplifier
    • 2 x 1500 watts RMS @ 4 ohms
    • 2 x 3000 watts max @ 4 ohms
    • 1 x 6000 watts max @ 4 ohms bridged
    • 2 x 2400 Watts @ 2 Ohms RMS
    • MOSFET automatically switches to maintain rated power over a wide range of battery voltages
    • Variable input level controls for each pair of channels
    • Variable high low pass crossover controls
    • Stiffly regulated PWM-type power supplies
    • High-efficiency, heavy aluminum heatsink
    • Remote subwoofer bass control
    • Electronic crossover network
    • Bass boost circuit
    • Bridgeable at 4 ohms
    • 2 ohm stereo stable
    • Silver RCA inputs
    • Line outs for left right channels
    • Power protection LED indicators
    • Advanced protection circuitry
    • Soft turn on/off
    • Frequency response: 10 Hz-40 kHz
    • S/N Ratio: 95 dB
    • Fuse: 30A x 4
    • Dimensions: 10.25 x 2.36 x 24.41 inches
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Part Number: VIBE2102N
  • VM Audio 4-Gauge Car Audio Amplifier Wiring Kit
    • Complete 2-channel amplifier wiring kit with cables, connectors, and accessories
    • 4-gauge high current power and ground cables with 315 multi-stranded bare copper
    • Wire construction in a translucent blue/ black insulation jacket
    • 18-gauge remote turn-on wire with solid blue insulation jacket
    • 12-gauge high-density 2-conductor copper speaker wire with clear blue insulation jacket
    • E.M.I. isolating RCA audio cables with maximum surface contact
    • Connection and exclusive VM Audio barrel grip nickel plated, high-impact resistant 60A AGU fuse holder with exclusive 4-gauge
    • Maximum wire-to-surface current flow directivity
    • 4-gauge nickel-plated power/ ground solderless ring crimp terminals
    • 4-gauge nickel-plated power/ ground solderless spade crimp terminals
    • Element protection power cable loom jacket
    • Quick-connect nickel-plated crimp speaker wire connectors
    • High-quality insulated solderless crimp butt terminals
    • Durable high strength nylon tie wraps
    • Cable firewall black rubber grommets
    • Technical specifications:
    • Type: 2-channel
    • Amplifiers supported: Single amplifier
    • Power/ ground wire size: 4-gauge
    • Strand count: 315
    • Power wire length: 16 feet
    • Ground wire length: 3 feet
    • Speaker wire size: 12-gauge
    • Speaker wire length: 20 feet
    • Remote wire size: 18-gauge
    • Remote wire length: 15 feet
    • RCA cable length: 15 feet
    • Fuse holder: AGU
    • Fuse size: 60A
    • Wire ties: 20
    • Spade connectors: 2
    • Ring connectors: 2
    • Ring spade terminals: 5
    • Butt connectors: 3
    • Split loom tubing
    • Screws: 3
    • Fasten connectors: 4
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Part Number: VM-SRSK4B
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