Summer Waves 15-Foot Quick Set Inflatable Ring Pool with Filter Pump

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SKU: P1001536A167
Brand: Summer Waves
Condition: New
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Get ready for warm weather and endless water fun in your own backyard with the Summer Waves 15-Foot Quick Set Inflatable Ring Pool with Filter Pump.

This inflatable above ground pool is designed for rapid installation, and can be ready for water in minutes (air pump not included). Measuring 15 feet in diameter, this top ring style pool is the perfect size for kids, and with included RX600 pool filter pump, chlorinator, and filter cartridge, maintenance is a breeze.

Best of all, this pool's durable construction means that it will stand up to day after day of summer fun, so choose the Summer Waves 15-Foot Quick Set Inflatable Ring Pool with Filter Pump today.

  • Splash away all summer long with this round inflatable pool
  • Rapid installation means this pool's ready for water in minutes
  • Measures 15 feet in diameter with a 2,640-gallon capacity
  • Includes RX600 110/120V pool filter pump with GFCI
  • Includes filter cartridge with built-in chlorinator
  • Inflatable top ring design
  • Durable construction
  • D filter cartridge included with pump
  • Dimensions: 15 feet x 36 inches
  • Product warranty:
    • Pool pump: 180 days
    • Pool liner: 90 days
    • All other parts: Warrantied as needed (ground cloths and ladders are not warrantied once assembled)
Written by from Florence, South Carolina on May 27, 2018
Not Bad For The Price
First thing about this pool, is buying it from VMinnovations. I bought it online, and within the same day, I received an email, saying it was "on it's way"! And the next day, it was here! I had to tell everyone how amazed I was, on how fast their service was! Wow, I've never seen a company deliver so fast! Makes me want to buy from them again. The pool itself, didn't have any problems, it was easy and fast to set up, as long as you have a decent air pump, that you can fill it with. It's only the ring on top, that needs filling with air, so that's not much at all. Then the rest of the pool, you fill with water. That took a day or so, but with the size, it's understandable. I think the pump is way to small for it though. And it's filter, is very small, so it'll probably need changing frequently. That part of it, I didn't like too much. We might have to look for a bigger, and better pump, in the future. It didn't come with a ladder either, and I checked the same website for ladders, but surprisingly, the prices of those are outrageous. This site, and most every site, even Walmart, are too high priced. The ones that I looked for in our price range, had very bad reviews, so my husband, made me one that works well enough. I believe the pools wall's are too high for small children, and also the water is too deep for small children, so look at the height of it, before buying for your children. This is our second pool, and our first one we bought a few years ago, HAD a ladder that came with it, so I had no idea, when I went to search for one, that they would be priced so high! Besides, a very small pump, that I might need to upgrade, no ladder, it also doesn't come with a cover, so I will need to buy one of those, also, as our pool is somewhat close to trees, that when the wind blows, gets many pine needles, and leaves blown into it (It was my husband's idea to put it where it is, and we don't argue with the "man", lol). I do have a few nets, that will take care of those, though. But, all in all, I wanted a pool, and didn't realize that my husband picked out a much bigger one, than I needed, but I love it! With all it's little faults! But hey, the price was pretty darn good, for that size! (I told my husband, I think I need a little fence around it, because of a stray dog, that showed up, and he loves to jump on things, and I'm scared he's going to jump on the pool top, to get a drink of water. You don't want to know how my husband reacted to THAT! lol)
Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? Yes
  • Easy to Use
  • Simple to Set Up
  • Looks Good
  • Pump Not Strong Enough For Pool This Big
  • Not For Small Children
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