Taylor Swimming Pool Chlorine/Bromine Kit + 100 Count Chlorine/pH Test Strips

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SKU: K2005 + 551236
Brand: AquaChek
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Keep your swimming pool in tip-top shape all summer long by performing proper chemical testing with the Taylor K-2005 Professional Swimming Pool Test Kit with included chlorine test strips.

This test kit comes with 3/4-ounce reagents that make it easy to have perfect pool water. The kit includes tests for chlorine and bromine, pH, acid and base requirements, alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid. To ensure proper balance, test your pool water daily.

This package also includes 100 chlorine/pH test strips. In less than a minute, you can see results for 7 key parameters including total hardness, total chlorine, total bromine, free chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, and cyanuric acid. The strips test faster and are easier to use than liquid dropper test kits. AquaCheck Silver offers enhanced colors for better readability.

This set features an improved test for cyanuric acid (also called stabilizer). These strips allow you to test cyanuric acid up to 300 ppm (mg/L), a higher level than any available liquid kits. This cyanuric acid test works in pH between 7.0 and 8.4 and in Total Alkalinity at or below 240 ppm.

  • Pool test kit
    • Allows the pool manager to maintain the highest levels of water quality
    • Test for: Free and total chlorine, pH, bromine, acid/base demand, total alkalinity, and cyanuric acid (stabilizer)
    • Includes a heavy-duty case for storage and transport
    • Includes 0.75-ounce reagents
    • Water balance calculator wheel included
    • 2 chamber comparator included
    • Waterproof edition pool & spa water chemistry guide
    • Taylor makes the only testing supplies recommended by the American Swimming Coaches Association
    • Product warranty: 60-day warranty
    • Warranty: 60-day warranty
  • Chlorine test strips
    • A must for swimming pool or spa owners to maintain and keep their pools clean
    • Takes about 15-30 seconds to show results
    • Count: 100 strips per bottle
    • Includes a reusable color chart and instructions on the back of the bottle
    • Test For:
    • Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer)
    • Free Chlorine
    • Total Chlorine
    • pH
    • Total Alkalinity
    • Total Bromine
    • Total Hardness
    • Weight: 1 pound
    • Warranty: 1-year warranty
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