Aquabot Breeze SE Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Brand: Aquabot
Condition: New
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Say hasta la vista to the hustle and bustle of complicated pool cleaning, because this Aquabot Breeze SE Robotic Pool Cleaner is rolling in to give you a lifetime break so you never have to strain yourself to clean your pool again.

It's a lightweight cleaner with Hydro Robotic technology that cleans both above ground and in ground pools. The 40 foot cable has a swivel feature so that it never gets tangled and it cleans small and large pool floors and coves.

With the industry's strongest pump and the finest filtration with over 70 GPM, this pool cleaner has a Hyper Speed scrubbing brush, an easy lift handle, a water exit feature, 2 cleaning cycles, a timer with auto shutoff, and it cleans all pool shapes and surfaces.

With this Aquabot Breeze SE Robotic Pool Cleaner, you will not only have the cleanest pool on the block, but there's a good chance you will have the cleanest pool in the world.

  • Lightweight pool cleaner with Hydro Robotic technology cleans your above ground or in ground pool
  • Hyper speed scrubbing brush is 2 times faster than standard brushes
  • Cleans pool floor and cove
  • Industry's strongest pump and finest filtration with over 70 gallons per minute
  • 40 foot cable with swivel to prevent cable tangling
  • Easy lift handle with rapids water exit feature
  • Extra large top loading filter basket
  • Just plug it in and press a button
  • Specifications:
    • Pool type: Above ground and in ground
    • Pool shape: All
    • Surface type: All
    • Hydro Robotic technology
    • Cleaning area: Floor and cove
    • Filter type: Extra large fine filter basket (down to 2 microns)
    • Cable length: 40 feet
    • Adjustable turning: sliding tab
    • Never Stuck system
    • Timer and auto shutoff
    • 1 to 2 hour cleaning cycles
    • 70 gallons per minute
    • Cleaning time settings: Small and large pool settings
    • 120V, 60 Hz, 150 watts
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2-year warranty
Written by from Troy, NY on Jun 29, 2017 Verified Buyer
Excellent value and a clean pool

I performed two days of research on robotic pool cleaners before making the decision to purchase the Aquabot Breeze SE.  I wanted to keep my purchase price under $400.00, and had the best deal (sale price of $433, a 10% off coupon, no tax, and free shipping).  The item arrived in only two days with the free shipping, which was a nice surprise.

The cleaner came in a nondescript box.  It was packed nicely, though one of the plastic covers for the suction ports was loose in the box.  I just snapped it back in to place.  The unit is pretty much ready to go upon unboxing it.  I did read the quick start instructions, and then brought it out to our 24-foot above-ground pool to give it a try.

I placed it in the pool and turned it upside down to let the air bubbles out, then allowed it to drop to the bottom right-side up.  The control panel has only 3 buttons:  power, small pool (2 hours), and large pool (3 hours).  I powered it on, and it started doing its thing.  One of the reasons why I selected the Breeze SE was because it uses hydro-robotic technology.  This means that it doesn't use a drive motor to move; it instead pushes itself using the force of water being blown out one of its two "blow holes" at the top.  It moves forward and backward as it alternates pumping water out of one of these holes.  Sometimes it moves fast, and other times it moves slowly.  At first, it seems like it was staying in only one section of the pool, but as it continued its pattern, it eventually covered every area of the pool.

I also selected the Breeze SE because it has an "active brush", which simply means that the brush rotates to remove dirt.  At times, the brush seemed to kick up the dirt a bit much, where the two suction ports were not able to grab it all,  But, due to the back-and-forth pattern that the bot uses, it would eventually drive back over the area and remove the dirt.

This bot is not supposed to be able to climb pool walls (based on its own specs on,, and  However, I have watched this bot occasionally climb the wall, sometimes right up to the water line.  This is an added and unexpected bonus.  Unfortunately, the second time I used the bot, it ended up floating upside down on the surface of the water, after flipping over at the end of its climb.  I simply flipped it back over and it went back to work.  That hasn't happened since.

The filter is a fine mesh dual basket and it traps an amazing amount of dirt - more than I would have thought.  It is accessible from the top of the bot, and is quite easy to remove.  Cleaning the filter is a bit difficult, since dirt tends to get caught in various nooks and crannies in the baskets.  Some debris also ends up in the bot where the edges of the filter cover meet the bot.  Because of this, the bot chassis needs to be washed down occasionally.

The cord that connects the bot to the power supply has a swivel that helps to keep it from getting tangled.  After several uses so far, the cable has not gotten tangled at all.  Also, since this unit is self-contained, the pool filter can remain running while the bot vacuums the pool floor.

Once the bot has finished, it is fairly straightforward to remove it from the pool.  I gently pull the bot to the pool wall using the cord, being careful not to grab the swivel (per the instructions).  I then lift it using the cord until I can grab onto the handle to extract it from the water.  I let it drain for about 10 seconds above the water surface before I fully remove it.  Then I clean the filter (mentioned above), and coil up the cable to store the bot.  It takes about 10 minutes for me to retrieve the bot, drain it, clean the filter, re-coil the cable, and store it.

Each 2-hour cycle has resulted in a very clean pool.

So far, I'm very happy with this purchase.  I'll post a follow-up if I encounter any problems.

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