Crunch 1000W 2-Channel Powerzone Car Amplifier + 8-Gauge Wiring Kit

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SKU: PZX1000.2 + AKS8
Brand: Crunch
Condition: New
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Get more performance out of your entire car audio system by choosing the right amp, the Crunch 1000 Watt 2 Channel Powerzone Series Class AB Car Amplifier. This amplifier also includes a Soundstorm 8-Gauge Wiring Kit.

Unparalleled in quality, the Crunch 1000 Watt 2 Channel Powerzone Series is a low-noise pre-amplifier with low level RCA inputs and outputs. It features flexible installation, allowing the amp to run in 2 channel or bridged mono mode. With rugged MOSFET pulse width modulation power supply, fully adjustable crossovers, and bass boost, this amplifier will always deliver the quality you need.

The wiring installation kit has everything you need to install your amplifier easily in your car. It features a 20-foot, 8-gauge red power cable, a high-quality fuse holder, 3 feet of 8-gauge black ground cable, 16 feet of 18-gauge blue turn-on wire, a 20-foot high performance RCA interconnect, 30-feet of speaker wire, 6-feet of split loom tubing, (20) 4-inch wire ties, (3) rubber grommets, a #10 ring terminal, a 0.31-inch ring terminal, and a 0.25-inch ring terminal.

Take your car audio to the next level with the Crunch 1000 Watt 2 Channel Powerzone Series Class AB Car Amplifier and included wiring kit.

  • Crunch 1000W 2-Channel Powerzone Series Class AB Car Amplifier
    • Low-noise pre-amplifier
    • Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier circuit with minimal distortion
    • Low Level RCA Inputs and Outputs
    • Highest sound quality connection
    • Flexible installation allows this amplifier to run in 2 channel or bridged mono mode
    • Versa-cross electronic crossover
    • Fully-adjustable 24 dB crossovers
    • Designed to be high sound quality with minimal distortion
    • Maximum heat dissipation which minimizes distortion
    • Rugged MOSFET pulse width modulation power supply
  • Specifications:
    • Class A/B
    • Variable voltage: 0.2-5-volts
    • Signal to noise: > 90 dB
    • Frequency response: 10Hz - 45KHz
    • Crossover type: Electronic switch FULL / LPF / HPF
    • Bass boost: 0- 09 dB
    • Power: 2 x 250 watts at 4 ohms, 2 x 500 watts at 2 ohms, 1 x 1000 watts at 4 ohms bridged
    • Total channels: 2
    • Audio inputs: Unbalanced inputes (RCA)
    • Audio outputs: Line output (RCA)
    • Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 inches
    • Weight: 6 pounds
    • Part Number: PZX1000.2
  • Soundstorm Complete 8-Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit
    • 20 feet of 8-gauge red power cable
    • Competition high-quality fuse holder
    • 0.25-inch gold-plated ring terminal
    • 3 feet of 8-gauge black ground cable
    • #10 Gold-plated ring terminal
    • 16 feet of 18-gauge blue turn-on wire
    • 20 feet of high-performance RCA interconnect
    • (3) rubber grommets
    • 30 feet of speaker wire
    • 0.31-inch gold-plated ring terminal
    • 6 feet of split loom tubing
    • (20) 4-inch wire ties
    • Part Number: AKS8
  • Product Warranty: 1-year warranty
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