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Sterilite 66-Quart Tote (4 Pack) + Ornament Box (4 Pack) + Wreath Box (2 Pack)

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SKU: 4 x 18886604 + 4 x 19096606 + 2 x 19736602
Brand: Sterilite
Condition: New
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Keep that collection of holiday decorations and Christmas tree ornaments safe and organized in the off season with help from the Sterilite 66-Quart Latch and Carry Storage Totes, Sterilite Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes, and Sterilite 24-Inch Christmas Wreath Boxes.

Unique and comfortable carry-though handles on the 66-quart totes provide full grip access and heavy-duty latches keep the lid securely attached to the base. The clear base and lid allow for easy identification of contents.

The handy 48-quart ornament boxes safely secure up to 45 ornaments, feature a hinged lid for easy access, integrated handles for easy carrying, and see-through bases for easy identification of contents. The durable plastic construction keeps ornaments safe and secure while in storage.

Accommodating standard 24-inch wreaths, the wreath boxes include a mounting hole so you can hang the whole thing on an out-of-the-way wall. A secure latching mechanism, a see-through lid so you can see what's inside, a helpful comfort grip carry handle to use when bringing the box up from the basement or down from the attic, and an integrated hanging feature allow the wreathes to hang securely in the boxes.

  • Sterilite 66 Quart Latch and Carry Storage Tote
    • A unique thru-handle design allows the user to have a full grip around the product, making transportation safe and easy
    • Visually appealing, color accented latches offer a tight, secure attachment of the lid to the base
    • Recessed lid design provides a secure stacking capability for each size latch and carry product
    • Common-sized, interchangeable lids mean each size latch and carry product can stack efficiently on top of one another
    • Latch and Carry Totes offer customers the versatility to create their ideal storage system
    • Clear base allows for easy identification of contents
    • Unique and comfortable carry through handles provide for full grip
    • Heavy duty latches keep the lid secure
    • Capacity: 66 gallons
    • Colors: Clear lid and base with aquarium latches
    • Made in the USA
    • Dimensions: 24.5 x 17.75 x 13.4 inches
    • Part number: 18886604
    • Weight: 19 pounds
    • Quantity: 4
  • Sterilite Christmas Ornament Storage Box
    • 48-quart hinged lid Christmas ornament storage box, clear
    • Hinged lid for instant access to your decorations
    • Integrated handles make it easy to carry in and out of storage
    • See-through base to easily see contents
    • Holds up to 45 ornaments
    • Color: Clear, red
    • Dimensions: 22.375 x 21.875 x 20.75 inches
    • Weight: 4 pounds
    • Part number: 19096606
    • Quantity: 4
  • Sterilite 24-Inch Christmas Wreath Box
    • Comfort grip handle for easy carrying
    • Secure latching mechanism
    • See-through lid for easy identification of contents
    • Holds a standard-size wreath (up to 24 inches)
    • Integrated hanging feature helps wreath to hang securely inside the case
    • Mounting hole in base allows for convenient wall-hanging
    • Indexed cover allows multiple boxes to stack
    • Dimensions: 24.875 x 24.375 x 7.625
    • Weight: 3.7 pounds
    • Part number: 19736602
    • Quantity: 2
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