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Summit Sentry SD Treestand + Whitetail Deer Scents + Game Calls

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Brand: Code Blue
Condition: New
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This package includes a treestand, 2-fluid ounce bottle of Whitetail Doe Estrous, 1-fluid ounce bottle of Whitetail Buck Urine, Whitetail Double Drag System, EZ Hunter Grunt Call, and a Pack Rack Rattling Deer Call System.

The right tree stand can make the difference between a successful hunt and an uneventful day up in a tree, and the Summit Sentry SD Closed Front Tree Stand has just the right features to make that difference.

The Summit Sentry SD allows you to climb with ease and shoot comfortably whether youíre sitting or standing, and features a flip-up mesh seat that elevates you high enough to easily take aim.

This model includes a safety bar, arm pads, a utility strap, harness, bungee tether and bungee backpack straps for safety, in addition to Summit's fast and quiet cable attachment system. The Summit Sentry SD Closed Front Tree Stand gives the seasoned hunter the perfect platform for the perfect shot.

  • Sentry SD Treestand
    • Closed-front aluminum climbing stand
    • Contoured mesh folding seat
    • Includes full-body fall arrest harness system and all necessary hardware
    • Fits trees that are 8 to 20 inches in diameter
    • Weight capacity: Up to 300 pounds
    • Critical parts of the tree standís platform are filled in with a custom-engineered expanding foam to reduce unintentional noises
    • Simple and quiet cable attachment system without fumbling with pins, knobs, nuts or bolts
    • High-quality extruded aluminum and precision welds provide maximum rigidity and strength
    • RapidClimb ergonomic stirrups are easy to use and adjustable to fit any boot
    • Dimensions: 18 x 16 inches (seat); 20 x 28.5 inches (platform)
    • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Code Blue Whitetail Doe Estrous
    • Best used during the whitetail rut - Bucks can't resist its potent smell
    • Contains the estrous of one doe, giving you a pure scent much more powerful than a diluted combination of does' scents
    • Use our scent on a scent wick, scent drap or drop near your stand to bring the bucks in close to your site
    • Doe Estrous is urine taken from a single doe in heat for "true to life" effectiveness
    • Marked with deer's registration number
    • 2 fluid ounce bottle
  • Code Blue Whitetail Buck Urine
    • A reliable lure that tricks the dominant buck to believe another whitetail is checking out his territory
    • 100% natural urine - every bottle is certified and marked with the deer's registration number
    • 1 fluid ounce bottle
  • Whitetail Double Drag System
    • 2 highly absorbent rag heads at different lengths on the drag
    • Use various deer scent combinations for different phases of the deer hunting season
    • Be sure to check the registration numbers to make sure you're getting different deer
  • EZ Grunter Grunt Call
    • Excellent close range call that produces both buck and doe vocalizations
    • Close range call
    • Multi-purpose
    • Reproduces common calls/grunts
  • Pack Rack Rattling System Deer Call
    • Unique high-density plastic
    • Creates the lifelike sound of big bucks locked in combat
    • Great volume at long range
    • Easy to carry
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
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