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Cuddeback E2 Long Range IR 20MP Game Camera + Post Mount

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Brand: Cuddeback
Condition: New
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The 2014 Cuddeback E2 Long Range IR Camera is the best Cuddeback infrared camera ever. It features Cuddeback's world's fastest 1/4 second trigger speed which means you'll get more images with animals and fewer blanks. A new compact "micro" housing is ergonomic and handy. This camera comes with a post mount.

This camera records video with sound or video with a still image. Select the off setting, or record for 10, 20, 30 seconds. No need to mess with memory card either. Thanks to the no card mode, you can use the 120 MB of internal memory.

This Cuddeback E2 Camera provides 20MP photos that are crystal clear, and the Long Range IR technology gives you over 2 watts of infrared illumination power and up to 100 feet infrared flash range with no visible light output on the subject. You'll get superior IR image quality and images that are correctly exposed and stunningly clear with minimal motion blur.

The all metal construction of the Cuddeback Genius Post Mount means this piece of equipment will stand up to the harshest of weather conditions. Positions your camera about 30 inches above the ground and allows camera to be tilted up and down for alignment.

  • Long Range Infrared Game Camera
    • Cuddeback's 1/4 second trigger speed is up to 4 times faster than most other cameras
    • 20 MP images - Advanced low-light CMOS image sensor for enhanced color and clarity. Low light performance extends night illumination range and reduced IR motion blur. And 20MP mode means you can zoom in to see details
    • Zone control - Select wide view or centered view as needed. Wide is best on fields. Centered for trails
    • 100 foot flash range
    • Super fast recovery speed - Takes the first image within second, then recovers about 1 second latter for the next shot
    • Motion sensor will not miss animals while eliminating false detections
    • No card mode - 120 MB of internal memory built in
    • Advanced time lapse mode - Select 10 seconds to 24 hours. Set with or without motions sensing. Set time lapse day only, night only, or day & night. Ideal for monitoring a large field, food plot, construction project, or any trend you want to follow
    • Test mode - Use the camera's user interface to "test" and walk in front of the camera. A test light will blink to show your aim
    • Separate day and night camera delays - Allows you to set different delays for day and night operation. Use a 5 second or faster delay for day to capture all the action. Use a 15 second or longer delay at night to conserve battery power
    • 3 image capture modes - Select image only, video only, or image + video. Choose different settings for night and day
    • Burst mode - Select 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 images per detection
    • Moon phase - Prints precise moon phase on every image
    • Time change - Automatically adjust for USA daylight savings time (select auto or off)
    • Video plus with sound - Select off, 10, 20, 30 seconds. Program video only, or video with a still image
    • Smart color - High end CMOS images for brilliant colors and detail
    • Long range infrared provides the best IR images with greater illumination range and minimal motion blur
    • HD images - Choose traditional full frame images, or HD wide view
    • Built to withstand the elements
    • Includes mounting strap
    • Camera runs on 8 AA batteries (not included)
    • Battery life: 12 months or 30k images
    • Compatible with SD cards up to 32 GB (not included)
    • Part number: E2-LONGRANGE-IR
  • Post Mount for Game Cameras
    • Compatible with all Cuddeback game cameras
    • All metal construction
    • Positions your camera about 30 inches above the ground
    • Ideal for use when there are no trees available to mount camera to
    • Lets you set up your camera practically anywhere
    • Easily attach and remove your camera for service
    • Adjustable up/down tilt bracket
    • T-brace keeps post from tipping
    • Easy setup & re-positioning
    • Part number: CUDDEPOST
  • Product warranty: 2-year warranty
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