LifeSmart PTC Element Desktop Space Heater & Fan

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Brand: LifeSmart
Condition: New
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Stay warm this winter and don't let the cold air in your office prevent you from getting all your work done. Plug in a LifeSmart Office/Cubicle PTC Heater and Fan and feel your cubicle start to warm up like it's the beginning of summer.

This heater runs on a long-lasting PTC element with a maximum heat setting of 250 watts, enough to make you feel toasty without earning the office manager's wrath for using up all the electricity. It won't overheat or warm up your carpet if it tips over, thanks to the safety switches.

Utilize this unit by zone heating the rooms you spend the most time in. Zone heating allows you to only heat the rooms you are in the most and helps save you reduce energy consumption.

Keep warm this winter and fall when you use your LifeSmart Office/Cubicle PTC Heater.

  • Long-lasting PTC element
  • 250 watts maximum heat settings
  • Fan only mode
  • 6-foot power cord
  • Overheat switch for safety
  • Tip-over safety switch
  • Master power switch
  • No assembly required
  • Zone Heating:
    • Don't heat your entire home when you can only use part of it
    • Portable infrared heating allows you to establish zone-heating by only heating the rooms in your home when you want to
    • Utilize multiple units where and when you choose in those rooms you use most often
    • Heating only the rooms you use, when you use them, can help reduce your overall energy consumption
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4.5 x 6.69 inches
  • Weight: 1.25 pounds
  • ETL certificate number: 5000997
  • Product warranty: 1-year warranty
Written by from Maine on Dec 7, 2016 Verified Buyer
Still cold!

This heater is TINY! especially when compared to the online photo. Also, it puts out very little heat and does not cover much area. Would avoidthis item.

Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? No
  • Too Expensive
  • too small, looked bigger in the online photo
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Written by from aol on Jan 8, 2017
DESKTOP heater

The picture shows it next to a book, ON A DESKTOP.  So, yes it is small.  It is supposed to be small.  The next picture shows that it is only 250watts.  That makes it safe to use on a desktop.  THIS IS ONLY 250WATTS

Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? Yes
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Written by from Michigan on Jan 22, 2017 Verified Buyer
Works well.

Works well, easy to use. Really like the timer feature.

Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? Yes
  • Easy to Use
  • Safe
  • Quiet
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Written by from NJ on Jan 30, 2017 Verified Buyer
Keeps my feet warm when I'm coding

We own a bilevel home, built on slab (no basement). My office is in one of the bedrooms downstairs. The floor is carpeted, and of course they did not install any kind of insulation or vapor barrier, so it can get quite humid and cold down there, especially in the cold nights of January. I am a freelance web developer, and I like to do most of my work at night, when the house is quiet, and I can concentrate on those pesky JSON requests. Up until now I've been using a blanket on my legs and feet to keep me warm, but i felt I needed something better than that. Enter LifeSmart PTC Element Desktop Space Heater. I bought it a few weeks ago as part of a promo on this website, mostly out of curiosity. I must say it changed my nightlife :) Now my legs and feet are nice and toasty, and I can code away for as long as I want. Thank you!

Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? Yes
  • Easy to Use
  • Safe
  • Simple to Set Up
  • Looks Good
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