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Nest Cam Wi-Fi Monitoring Surveillance Camera + Heating/Cooling Smart Thermostat

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SKU: NESTCAM + NestThermostat-3
Brand: Nest
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The new Nest Cam is designed to watch out for your home and family – even when you can’t. With secure 1080p HD video streaming, advanced Night Vision, better activity alerts powered by Nest Aware, one app for all your Nest products, and an all-new magnetic stand, Nest Cam helps you keep an eye on what matters. From anywhere. Use Nest Cam as a pet cam or baby monitor. Or just feel better knowing that everything’s OK when you’re away. Set it up in a minute and stream securely – you’ll get a 130° wide­-angle view and can zoom in for a closer look. Sign up for Nest Aware, and you can go back and see what you missed

You can’t always be watching your video feed. So the new Nest Cam looks for motion and sends an alert to your phone if it sees something.It’s also a good listener. Nest Cam ignores background noise, like the sound of traffic. But will alert you if it hears something that stands out, like a boom, crash or voice of an intruder. Light, shadows, and branches cause false alerts. All the time. That’s because most cameras can’t tell the difference between that and something important – like a person trying to break in. When you sign up for Nest Aware, ?advanced algorithms using depth sensing and face detection kick in to give you more accurate alerts.?

Nest Cam takes only a minute to install. Literally. Just plug it in and set it up from your phone. The Nest Cam stand works in all kinds of homes, on all types of surfaces.

The 3rd generation Nest thermostat features a 1.75" high resolution screen that can display temperature and/or time, lights up when you walk in the room, only 1.21" in thickness and it's easy to install!

Get to know each other.
Most people install the Nest Thermostat themselves in 30 minutes or less. Once it’s on your wall, it automatically activates the best features for your system and starts learning about you and your home.

Teach Nest to save. Programming thermostats is complicated and irritating - but an un-programmed thermostat can waste 20% of your heating and cooling bill. So the Nest Thermostat programs itself.

Just turn it up and turn it down. The Nest Thermostat learns what temperatures you like and builds a personalized schedule. Teach it efficient temperatures for a few days and, within a week, it'll start setting them on its own.

Save while you’re away. With Auto-Away™, the Nest Thermostat automatically turns to an energy-efficient Away temperature when you’re gone.

Auto-Away works in 90% of homes, even if your Nest is in a spot you don't pass on your way out the door.

Nest on the go. Use the Nest app to connect to your thermostat from a phone. Getting in early? Change the temperature miles from home.

  • NESTCAM Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera
    • Features
    • 60 Second Setup - Use a computer or mobile device to find a Wi-Fi network
    • Cloud Video Service - Watch live video, receive alerts and get new features
    • Premium HD Video - See 2x sharper video with pro optics and sensor.
    • Enhanced two-way audio - Talk back with state of the art mic and speaker
    • Night Vision - Keep an eye on things, even in the dardk
    • Intelligent Alerts - Receive notifications for motion and sound
    • Secure Streaming - Stream safety with AES encryption
    • Mobile and Web Apps - Watch remotely from your devices
    • Cloud Video Recording (optional) - Review and make clips of recorded video.
    • Scheduling - Set alerts based on time of day or your location
    • Automatic Updates - Get new features with camera and app updates.
    • Nest Cam Video Surveillance Camera System Specifications
    • Easy 60-second setup
    • Full 1080p HD video
    • Activity alerts
    • Night Vision
    • Clear Zoom
    • Talk & Listen
    • Nest app
    • Software updates over Wi-Fi
    • Available with Nest Aware (subscription sold separately)
    • Video History (10-day and 30-day available)
    • Clips and timelapses
    • Activity Zones
    • Advanced motion sensing
    • AC power adapter:
    • Input: 100-240VAC 0.2A
    • Output: 5VDC 2.0A
    • Camera Input: 5VDC, 1.0A
    • 1/3”, 3 megapixel sensor with millions of colors and 8X digital zoom
    • H.264 encoding, up to 1080p (1920 x 1080) at 30 frames/sec
    • In The Box
    • Nest Cam indoor camera
    • Stand
    • 10-foot USB cable and power adapter
    • Wall-mounting plate
    • Nest screws
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Welcome Guide
    • Window decal
    • Product Condition: Brand New
    • 60 Days VMInnovations Warranty
  • New Nest Learning Thermostat - 3rd Generation
    • Auto-Schedule - The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself in about a week. It creates a personalized schedule based on the temperature changes you’ve made and continually adapts to your changing life.
    • Auto-Away - After you’ve left the house, the Nest Thermostat senses you've gone and automatically adjusts the temperature to avoid heating or cooling an empty home.
    • The Leaf - Want to know if you’re saving energy when you change the temp? The Nest Leaf appears when you turn Nest to a temperature that's energy efficient. It guides you in the right direction.
    • Remote Control - Change the temperature from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can also adjust your schedule and check your Energy History.
    • Airwave - Airwave cuts your AC costs while keeping you cool. It turns on automatically
    • when your home’s humidity allows.
    • Energy History - See exactly when your system was on with Energy History, then get a summary of your entire month's energy use with the Nest Energy Report. The more you know, the more you can save.
    • System Match - System Match automatically turns on specific energy-saving or comfort
    • features for you, depending on what heating or cooling system you have.
    • Early-On - Get the temperature you want when you want it. If your schedule says 72°F at 6 a.m., Early-On will start heating or cooling early so it'll be 72°F when your alarm rings.
    • Filter Reminders - Nest reminds you to change your air filter based on how many hours your heat or AC has run. A clean filter can cut 5% off your heating or cooling bill.
    • Heat Pump Balance - Heat Pump Balance works for homes with heat pumps. It minimizes how often you need to use expensive auxiliary heat - just choose whether you want more comfort or more savings, and Heat Pump Balance will automatically adjust when AUX comes on.
    • True Radiant - True Radiant for radiators and underfloor radiant system gives you a predictable schedule and even heat. No more frustrating guessing about what temperature to set when.
    • Easy to install
    • Specifications:
    • Color:
    • Stainless steel
    • Screen:
    • 24 Bit color LCD
    • 480 x 480 resolution at 229 pixel per inch (PPI)
    • 2.08 in (5.3 cm) diameter
    • Languages:
    • English
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Dutch
    • Compatibility:
    • The Nest Learning Thermostat works with 95% of 24V heating and cooling systems, including gas, electric, forced air, heat pump, radiant, oil, hot water, solar and geothermal.
    • Heating: 1,2, and 3 stages (W1, W2, W3)
    • Cooling: 1 and 2 stages (Y1, Y2)
    • Heat pump: with auxiliary and emergency heat (O/B, AUX, E)
    • Humidifier or dehumidifier (HUM, DEHUM)
    • Fan (G)
    • Power (C, RH, RC)
    • Sensors:
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Near-field activity
    • Far-field activity
    • Ambient light
    • Wireless:
    • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n @ 2.4GHz, 5GHz
    • 802.15.4 @ 2.4GHz
    • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
    • Battery:
    • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Power consumption: Less than 1 kWh/month
    • Remote control requirements:
    • Wi-Fi connection with Internet access
    • Nest app on phone or tablet with iOS 8 or later, or Android 4 or later
    • Latest version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer on Mac OS X v10.9 or later and Windows 7 or later
    • Size and weight:
    • Display
    • Mass: 7.25 oz (205.4 g)
    • Diameter: 3.3 in (8.4 cm)
    • Height: 1.06 in (2.69 cm)
    • Base
    • Mass: 1.35 oz (38.3 g)
    • Diameter: 3 in (7.6 cm)
    • Height: 0.42 in (1.1 cm)
    • Assembled
    • Mass: 8.6 oz (243.7 g)
    • Diameter: 3.3 in (8.4 cm)
    • Height: 1.21 in (3.08 cm)
    • Inside the Box:
    • Display
    • Base
    • Optional trim kit
    • Mounting screws and labels
    • Nest screwdriver
    • Installation Guide
    • Welcome Guide
    • Nest Pro installation card
    • Product Condition: Brand New
    • 60 Day VMInnovations Warranty
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