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Cuddeback C2 Long Range 20MP Xchange IR Game Camera + Battery Booster

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Brand: Cuddeback
Condition: New
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Note: This model includes a low glow flash module. Other interchangeable flash modules are sold separately.

The 2016 Cuddeback C2 Long Range IR trail camera is the best Cuddeback IR camera ever! It features Cuddeback's world's fastest 1/4 second trigger speed which means you'll get more images with animals and fewer blanks. A new compact "micro" housing is ergonomic and handy. Long Range IR technology gives you over 2 watts of IR illumination power and up to 100 ft. infrared flash range with no visible light output on the subject. You'll get superior IR image quality and images that are correctly exposed and stunningly clear with minimal motion blur.

The Cuddeback C2 Long Range Xchange IR Camera is a totally new concept in trail cameras. Interchangeable flash modules allow the camera to be a color, IR or Black Flash. Xchange LED modules feature 30 LEDs for maximum performance. They added a ton of cool and innovative features for this model, such as Zone Control, separate day/night delays, fully customizable time lapse, and much more.

The reinvented mounting system makes it easier and more versatile to deploy the camera. With Genius Mount the user does not bang the camera around while strapping it to a tree, he/she simply straps (or screws) the mount to the tree then slides the camera on and off as needed. Plus, optional mounts allow panning, tilting, and locking (NOT included).

Also included, the Cuddeback Battery Booster channels the power of 6 D batteries through the camera, providing 4 times the power capacity of the 8 AA batteries used in the camera. The camera will draw power from the D batteries first, saving the 8 AA for backup when the D batteries fail (no batteries included). For many users, this device will allow a camera to operate for over 12 months, even through extreme freezing temperatures and conditions. Not only that, but the extra power also helps the camera provide high quality night images, sending more power to the flash's LEDs for increased illumination.

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  • Brand New Cuddeback C2 Long Range Xchange IR Game Camera | 20 MP
    • 100 foot flash range
    • (30) 850nm high power LED's
    • Cuddeback's 1/4 second trigger speed is up to 4 times faster than most other cameras
    • 20MP Images - Advanced low-light CMOS image sensor for enhanced color and clarity. Low light performance extends night illumination range and reduced IR motion blur. And 20MP mode means you can zoom in to see details
    • Zone Control - Select wide view or centered view as needed. Wide is best on fields. Centered for trails
    • Genius Mount - makes it easier to deploy a camera when the mount is separated from the camera (Optional pan, tilt, lock sold separately)
    • Super Fast Recovery Speed - takes the first image within ΒΌ second, then recovers about 1 second latter for the next shot
    • Motion sensor will not miss animals while eliminating false detections
    • No card mode - 120 MB of internal memory built in
    • Advanced Time Lapse Mode - Select 10 seconds to 24 hours. Set with or without motions sensing. Set time lapse day only, night only, or day & night. Ideal for monitoring a large field, food plot, construction project, or any trend you want to follow
    • Day Images - full color 5MP or 20MP images
    • Night Images - black & white 5MP or 20MP images
    • 1 Second - 60 Minutes Camera Delays - Provide versatility for trails, scrapes, food plots and feeders
    • 3 Image Capture Modes - Select image only, video only, or image + video. Choose different settings for night and day
    • Burst Mode - Select 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 images per detection
    • Each image is imprinted with Date, Time, Moon Phase, and CAM ID
    • Video w/ Sound - Select off, 10, 20, 30 seconds. Program video only, or video with a still image
    • Choose traditional (4:3) full frame images, or (16:9) HD wide view images
    • Two operating modes: EZ for simple setup, and Advanced for more control over the camera settings
    • Conformal Coated Electronics - waterproof coating on all electronics provides enhanced protection from humidity and water
    • Camera runs on (8) AA batteries (NOT included)
    • Battery Life: 12 months or 10k images
    • Compatible with SD cards up to 32 GB (NOT included)
  • Includes
    • Xchange IR Camera
    • Plastic Mount
    • Mounting Strap
    • Product Manual
  • Product Condition: Brand New
  • Part Number: XCHANGE-IR
  • 2-year Warranty
  • Brand New Cuddeback Battery Booster Pack for Series C & E Model Cameras
    • Provides a higher quality night image
    • Better performance in cold/freezing conditions
    • Boost the battery life and performance of Cuddeback C & E model cameras
    • Provides 4 times the power capacity of the camera's normal battery source
    • Uses 6 D-cell batteries (batteries NOT included)
    • More power to the flash's LEDs for higher quality night images
    • Easy installation - camera mounts on front of the battery pack
  • Includes:
    • Battery Housing
    • Genius Metal Mount Lock
    • 3' Power Cord
    • Product Manual
  • Product Condition: Brand New
  • Part Number: CUDDEPOWER
  • 2-year Warranty
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