Coleman Sevylor Rio Inflatable Kayak Canoe

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The Coleman Sevylor Rio Inflatable Kayak Canoe is a 1-person hunting and fishing inflatable canoe. It has the look and feel of a canoe but offers kayak-like maneuverability. Get outdoors and have some fun with this inflatable watercraft. It makes the perfect boat for rowing in a pond, lake, or river.

The Coleman Rio Kayak Canoe features a double-hull build with raised bow and stern for extra ruggedness in rough waters. It has durable 18-gauge PVC construction with 420D nylon cover, a reinforced bottom, elevated bucket seat, and directional strakes for maximum steering control. This inflatable canoe measures 9' 10" x 3' 1" and has a 350 pound weight capacity.

  • Coleman Sevylor Rio Inflatable Kayak Canoe
  • 1-person hunting and fishing inflatable canoe with kayak-like maneuverability to give you more control on the water
  • Double-hull build with raised bow and stern for extra ruggedness in rough waters
  • Durable 18-gauge PVC construction with 420D nylon cover and reinforced bottom to added support
  • Elevated bucket seat and directional strakes for maximum steering control
  • Holds up to 350 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.83 x 3.083 feet
  • Part number: 2000003630
  • Product warranty: 2-year warranty
Written by from Northern California on Jul 16, 2016 Verified Buyer
Sevylor Rio Review

I do Wildlife Photography and have been researching Kayaks for about a year before I came across the Sevylar Rio. I needed a kayak that would be durable, comfortable and very stable to photograpn wildlife from. All the reviews I read on line were favorable so I made the plunge. I have only had my Rio for a few days but I have put it through the paces, it is everything I expected and more. It is very comfortable once I made adjustment to the seat and seat cushion to fit me. The stability is great for lakes and slower moving rivers, I havnt taken it over any rapids yet so I can't say how it handles them but I think it will probably do fine on class 2 or 3. I really like the compartments for storage even though there is not a watertight compartment, most of them don't work anyway and I bag everything even in watertight compartments. I really like how the water that gets into the Kayak goes directly down into the drain channels and keeps things pretty dry on the inflatable floor of the Kayak, this will be even more important come cold weather. The tracking takes a little getting used to but with the correct rowing technique this becomes no problem. The Pontoons are large and you have to reach a little to get over them but I find this to not be much of a problem, if they were smaller I think the stability would suffer and I didn't purchase this to be a Kayak racer. Oh,by the way, Wildlife must really like the color because I have been able to get closer than ever before. I believe I have made the right choice!

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  • Easy to Use
  • Safe
  • Simple to Set Up
  • Sturdy
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Written by from NY on Jul 13, 2017 Verified Buyer
Not what I expected

This Kayak Canoe seems sturdy and good quality.  The seat sits much lower than I expected and as the sides are rather high I find it harder than expected to get out of - I purchased this as a traditional kayak is difficult for me to get in and out of.  I have no idea why it is a "hunt/fish" model as there is nothing other than color that suggests one can do either in it.  There isn't anywhere for poles and the bag behind me is not user friendly.  I was quite disappointed that reviews led me to believe this model could also use a trolling motor - it cannot and reivews led me to believe it would have a pump/gauge to determine air pressure - again, does not.  I would have sent it back when I received it but I was in the wilderness and had to use it.  Not the vessel I hoped to receive but for basic paddling may be okay.  Also, difficult to use in wind or in currents.  While the rest of my group ventured on I was often "stuck" paddling my heart out and not getting anywhere.  Think twice before purchasing this particular model and make sure this version is right for your boating needs.  

The company shipping was AMAZING - I received my order within 24 hours of purchase!!!!  I was overjoyed and so very grateful to receive shipment so quickly.

Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? No
  • Simple to Set Up
  • Looks Good
  • Sturdy
  • Difficult to Use
  • Not what I expected
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