Boss MR1002 200W 2-Channel Marine Amplifier with 8 Ga Amp Kit

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Brand: BOSS Audio
Condition: New
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The BOSS R1002 200W 2-Channel RIOT Marine Audio High Power Amplifier provides 100 watt x 2 Channel at 2 ohm Max and 75 watt x 2 channel at 2 ohm RMS. The amplifier features a thermal, overload, short protection, power and protection LED's, RCA inputs, high level inputs, it's a full range class A/B, speaker impedance from 2-8 ohm, S/N ratio of 90dB and THD of 0.01%. This is a great amplifier to use power your speakers or one small subwoofer. It also comes with 6 year manufacturer warranty for your piece of mind when purchased from an authorized dealer!

8 Gauge VM Audio complete kit is included!

  • Amplifier:
    • BOSS MR1002 200W 2 Channel Marine Amplifier
    • RMS Power:
    • 38 Watt x 2 Channel @ 4 ohm
    • 75 Watt x 2 Channel @ 2 ohm
    • Max Power:
    • 50 Watt x 2 Channel @ 4 ohm
    • 100 Watt x 2 Channel @ 2 Ohm
    • 200 Watt Total
    • Full range, class A/B
    • 2 channel
    • RCA inputs
    • High level inputs
    • Thermal/overload/short protection
    • T.H.D: 0.01%
    • S/N Ratio: 90dB
    • Speaker impedance: 2-8ohm
    • Channel separation: 60dB
    • Frequency response: 12Hz - 22kHz
    • Dimensions: 5.25" L x 2" H x 9" W
    • We are an authorized Boss dealer!
    • Product Condition: Brand New
    • Part Number: MR1002
    • Warranty 6 Year Authorized Platinum Online Dealer Warranty - 1 year factory plus 5 years extended from Boss Audio when purchased from an authorized dealer!
  • Amp Kit:
    • Complete 2-Channel Amplifier Wiring Kit with Cables, Connectors and Accessories
    • 8-Gauge High Current Power and Ground Cables with 294 Multi-Stranded Bare Copper
    • Wire Construction In a Translucent Red/Black Insulation Jacket
    • E.M.I. Isolating RCA Audio Cables with Maximum Surface Contact Connection and
    • Exclusive VM Audio Barrel Grip
    • Nickel Plated, High Impact Resistant 50A AGU Fuse Holder with Exclusive 8-Gauge
    • Maximum Wire-To-Surface Current Flow Directivity
    • 8-Gauge Nickel Plated Power/Ground Solderless Ring Crimp Terminals
    • 8-Gauge Nickel Plated Power/Ground Solderless Spade Crimp Terminals
    • Element Protection Power Cable Loom Jacket
    • High Quality Insulated Solderless Crimp Butt Terminals
    • Durable High Strength Nylon Tie Wraps
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