Wilson NCAA Forte Fybrid I Size 5 Soccer Ball (6 Pack)

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SKU: 6 x WTH9905X82
Brand: Wilson
Condition: New
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The Wilson Official NCAA Forte Fybrid Premium Match Soccer Ball has been uniquely designed to provide the ultimate in performance and stability control for all competitive collegiate soccer players. This package includes 6 soccer balls.

The ball features aerodynamic stability needed to deliver more win than any other brand. The bold color and graphics assist with spin detection for more accurate ball control.

This Wilson Soccer Ball is orange, blue, and black in color and includes Fybrid technology to minimize water and moisture uptake for enhanced durability. Improving upon the latest ball construction technologies in many international soccer competitions, the Wilson NCAA Forte Fybrid provides the ultimate in soccer ball performance.

  • Fused panel, Fybrid construction technology helps minimize water and moisture uptake for enhanced durability
  • Premium, micro-textured, 32-panel ball cover delivers controllable ball flight and erodynamic stability with equalized airflow over the entire ball surface
  • Bold product graphics and contemporary colors provide enhanced ball spin detection.
  • G10 foam backed panels yield high-energy return and soft precision touch upon impact in both normal and low temperature climates.
  • Laminated and molded inner construction provides the framework for extended durability and consistent round shape retention.
  • Bladder technology designed to provide for an equalized 360-degree sweet spot with explosive rebound performance.
  • Size: 5
  • FIFA, NCAA, NFHS approved
  • Color: Orange and blue
  • Quantity: 6
  • Product warranty: 1-year warranty
Written by from Colorado on Jun 2, 2016
Great soccer ball!

The Wilson NCAA Forte Fybrid I is a great soccer ball! Wilson must have hired new folks for soccer, because these outshine some of the other top brands.  I was coaching a few kids from our local college and they brought a couple of these from their locker and they were fantastic so I ordered 2x6 for all my training sessions.  Quality throughout, kids love shooting and heading with them.  I highly recommend and never thought I'd buy Wilson for soccer. 

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Written by from Begen County, New Jersey on Jul 16, 2016
Originally $100+ still $80 each elsewhere

This is a different color of exact same ball used in NCAA championship.  It is equal to ADDIDAS $150 ball and Nike $159 ball each so at this ridiculous price you can have these as practice balls as well as match.  $23 each in the six pack is an incredible buy for this touch and rated FIFA Pro, NHCS - you will never, never find better value especially for a tight high school budget.  The colors make it easier to retain as well as they don't wander off like many balls do since they are easily identifiable by color as our team's balls, an unexpected benefit.  We even ordered six pink for match play in October for cancer awareness games...

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  • Quality Construction
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