Crunch PX-2000.1D + VM-SRPK4R

Crunch PX-2000.1D 2000W Monoblock 1 Ohm Stable Power Amplifier with Wiring Kit

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SKU: PX-2000.1D + VM-SRPK4R
Brand: Crunch
Condition: New
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The Crunch PX-2000.1D amplifier is a 2000 watt class D monoblock amplifier that is perfect to power your vehicle's subwoofers.

Crunch POWERX incorporates full Class A/B technology in stereo and four channel amplifiers along with Class D in the mono. Class A/B sounds better, but the PC boards require a bit more space that in other circuit topologies. With Crunch POWERX we have trimmed away some of the more esoteric features to deliver a great amplifier that sound like you would expect Crunch to sound. The POWERX line also includes Crunch technology like QTD (Quick Thermal Dispersion) Technology which puts more aluminum on the heatsink than a normal amplifier. QTD assures the amplifiers make huge power while running very cool with nearly undetectable musical distortions.

These high-performance copper wires are wrapped in the durable and flexible SurfaceFlex wire jacket for effective cable routing. The CRB fuse holder has been specially plated with nickel for corrosion protection against the elements. Last but not least, distortion and external noise are reduced to a minimum with the Strand Interaction Conductor.

  • Remote Bass Knob Included!
  • We are an authorized Crunch Dealer!
  • Amplifier
    • Crunch PX-2000.1 Monoblock Channel Car Amplifier
    • Power:
      • 21-Ohms: 1 x 2000 Watts
      • 2-Ohms: 1 x 1000 Watts
      • 4-Ohms: 1 x 500 Watts
    • Class D Amplifier
    • Remote Bass Knob Included!
    • Quick Thermal Dispersion Technology
    • Dimensions: 13.3" x 10.8" x 3.7"
    • Condition: Brand New!
    • Part Number: PX-2000.1(PX20001)
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Wiring Kit
    • VM Audio 4 Gauge Wiring Kit
    • Type: 2 Channel
    • Amplifiers Supported: Single Amplifier
    • Power/Ground Wire Size: 4 Gauge
    • Strand Count: 315
    • Power Wire Length: 16Ft
    • Ground Wire Length: 3Ft
    • Speaker Wire Size: 12 Gauge
    • Speaker Wire Length: 20Ft
    • Remote Wire Size: 18 Gauge
    • Remote Wire Length: 15Ft
    • RCA Cable Length: 15Ft
    • Fuse Holder: AGU
    • Fuse Size: 60A
    • Wire Ties: 20
    • Spade Connectors: 2
    • Ring Connectors: 2
    • Ring Spade Terminals: 5
    • Butt Connectors: 3
    • Split Loom Tubing: Yes
    • Screws: 3
    • Fasten Connectors: 4
    • Condition: Brand New!
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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