Planet Audio AC2000.2 2000-Watt 2 Channel A/B Car Audio Amplifier with Remote
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Planet Audio AC2000.2 2000-Watt 2 Channel A/B Car Audio Amplifier with Remote
AC2000.2 Planet Audio AC2000.2 2000-Watt 2 Channel A/B Car Audio Amplifier with Remote
Planet Audio AC2000.2 2000-Watt 2 Channel A/B Car Audio Amplifier with Remote
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SKU AC2000.2
Brand Planet Audio
Condition New
Product Details

The Planet Audio AC20002 2-channel car amplifier features a MAX power handling of 2000 watts with a RMS power handling of 1000 watts. Other features include the input sensitivity selector, low level high inputs, power and protection LEDs and heavy duty set-screw style terminals.

Bridge this amplifier to 4 ohms to get the functionality of a mono block amplifier. This amp will not only turn heads with its power handling, but will also look the part with an illuminated Planet Audio logo. We recommend at least a 4 gauge wiring kit to hook up this amplifier to your car.

  • The Planet Audio Anarchy Amplifier takes your car audio to the next level with max power of 2000 watts; RMS power: 700 Watt x 2 Channel @ 2 Ohm, 1000 Watt x 2 Channel @ 2 Ohm, 1400 Watt x 1 Channel @ 4 Ohm Bridged
  • 2 Channel, Full Range Class A/B, MOSFET Power Supply
  • High and low level inputs; Input sensitivity selector; Variable high pass crossover, variable low pass crossover, variable bass boost; Variable Bass Boost (0 to +1 8dB); Switchable Phase Shift (0-180)
  • Features Short protection and power and protection LEDs
  • Heavy duty set-screw style terminals and chrome-plated connections
  • Blue illuminated logo
  • Remote control included
  • Frequency Response: 20-20KHz
  • Signa To Noise Ratio: 102dB
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 16 x 10 x 2.4 inches
  • 4 gauge power and ground wiring is required for installation
  • Warranty: 2 years (1 Year Manufacturer + 1 Year VMInnovations Warranty)
starstarstarstarstar Written by ksrigg from Virginia on Nov 22, 2013

Ibought tow of these amps through Amazon because they add an extra three years to the warranty, and I have to tell you, they are the ticket. I have each of them hooked up to a 12" drive in ported enclosures. One in my wife's Jeep and one in my van. They both are set at about one fourth of the power available and are wired mono into 4 ohms. They are all the amp either of us need. Forget looking out your rear view mriror, because these things shake your entire vehicle. I bought the 200 watt madel (really 550 watts RMS) because it had the best ratings of all the Planet Audio lineup. I have previously owned and still have Pymarimid, Pioneer, and MA Audio car amps. This amp is among the best I own, and was one of the least expensive. If you are looking at sub amps, look no further. These amps will do as good as any amp out there. Spend your money on a decent driver. Most of the reviews are talking about Kick this or Fos that...this is all rebranded JUNK. Buy a decent driver from Parts Express or Madisound, and get an enclosure which is the proper size for the driver. All drivers have an optimal internal volume they require to properly reproduce the frequency range they are designed to reproduce. and decide if you want to go sealed or ported, and regardless, make sure your boxes are airtight. Then and only then, will you hear what this amp is capable of doing. Spend your money on a good driver and a nice ported (my favorite) box, and you will reallly hear what was intended to be heard. Also make sure you know what you are doing in wiring the system and getting the proper impedence load for the amp you are using. I see all these people running 3 or 4 subs in their car. Tha is just plain dumb. One good 12" driver will run you out of your vehicle if it is properly installed. Even though an amp says it is on ohm stable, most ae designed to run a four ohm load, so make sure you run a four ohm load. Don't run one ohm and torment the amp and think it is all good. It is not. I'll stop preaching now and sum up by saying that properly installed and mated with a good driver and properly constructed and sized and tuned enclosure, this amp is as good as anything else avalilable to you in the marketplace..and I really don't see how they can even make one for the price they charge. With discounts, etc...less than eighty dollars for an amp like this is a steal.

Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? Yes
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