Tahoe Gear Glacier 14-Person Cabin Tent

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Brand: Tahoe Gear
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Explore the great outdoors and set up camp with ease in the Tahoe Gear Glacier 14-Person Cabin Tent.

Great for comfortably sleeping 12 to 14 people, the Glacier is ideal for a night with the family and friends or for a longer camping excursion. Enjoy day time in the airy, open screen room or a some restful hours in the separate master suite area.

Equipped with easy setup poles, stakes, guy ropes, and rain fly for unexpected weather, this Tahoe Gear Glacier 14-Person Cabin Tent is ready to help you take on your next vacation or outdoor adventure.

  • Large, yet practical and comfortable, the Tahoe Gear Glacier 14-Person Cabin Tent is perfect for all groups or families, great for daytime or night
  • Generous 7-foot center and wall height allow campers to move easily throughout the tent
  • Durable 1200mm polyester tent body is great for getting out in the warm or cool weather
  • Coordinating 1200mm polyester fly with taped fly seams and and polyethylene binding floor helps to provide water resistance in varied conditions
    • Fly canopy extends out over the door for extra coverage, and includes guy ropes on each side for securing tent in windy weather
    • Fly features solar shield that reflects sun light and keeps tent cooler in warm weather
  • Fabric Specifications: Tent body and fly - 70D/190T polyester, tent floor - 120-gram polyethylene
  • Large windows zip completely shut for sleeping and open for use as a screen room on those comfortable days and evenings
  • Open mesh design provides excellent cross ventilation throughout the tent
  • Easy to assemble shock corded poles and pin and ring system allow for quick set up
  • Floor vents in master suite provide additional ventilation
  • Includes convenient tent carry bag, pole bag, stakes and assembly instructions
  • Power slip near door allows for easy power cord access inside your tent
  • Assembled Dimensions: 20-feet x 12-feet x 84 inches
  • Approximate Dimensions in Carry Bag: 31 x 12 x 11.5 inches
  • Color: Green/Grey
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Note: Tahoe Gear tents are made with a high quality fabric for water resistance. Overall water resistance capability will vary by wind, setup, and more extreme weather circumstances. Please ensure the rain fly is applied in inclement weather to decrease chances of moisture inside your tent.
Written by from Oakbrook Terrace on Sep 17, 2013 Verified Buyer
Could have been great but...

Great leayout - 2 small rooms and one large room. Smaller rooms just big enough for queen air mattress.  Can open two smaller into one big, making it a 2 room tent. A little intimidating when I took it out of the box, but turned out to be a pretty simple set up.  I did it myself, but its easier with two people.,  I bought this, used it once, and regrettably had to return it.  Here's the problem:

The room divider between big room and (2) smaller room is connected to the floor via the std nylon type inner tent material that goes floor to ceiling.  There is not much slack (if any) in this piece from floor to ceiling.  Once the poles go in the floor at that divider point actually sets off the ground.  Step too close to the divider wall, and the floor tears (easily) away from the divider.  I had the tent set up for 5 minutes, and it tore from me simply walking around, not even using the tent - nothing in it.

When it tore, i realized the floor was not one full piece, but rather two pieces, that are connected by this flimsey inner wall nylon divider.  It would have been one thing for the nylon divider to tear away from the floor - no biggie - all internal.  But because the floor is two-pieces, the tear opened up 8 inches to the ground/grass.  Had I not taped it, it would have continued to tear all the way across. 

Its too bad really - this tent was awesome.  Great concept, great layout, just poor design on floor.  I almost kept it figuring I'd deal with the tear, but if/when it gets bigger the tent is literally useless.


VM was good to deal with.  Offered me $20 to keep it.  Had I been a seamstress I would have taken it, but I dont know how to reinforce this floor.  Would love Tahoe to address this design flaw and come out with new version, which I would buy in a heartbeat.

Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? No
  • Easy to Use
  • Simple to Set Up
  • Looks Good
  • Poor Quality
  • Bad Design
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Written by on May 15, 2014
traveling château

I got this for my family of four and it's fantastic. Some points for you buyers just so you know.

1. The directions sewn in the bag aren't great. The directions for the shorter poles to the "bedroom" part of the tent are misleading. It looks like they go on the same side, they don't. It makes total sense when you put it together though and you shouldn't have any trouble, especially if I got it done.2. The doors do not have screens on them. Still plenty of windows, but I was a little sad the doors had to stay closed. Of course if you are using it like we are, two bedrooms and a living room, you could leave them open and keep the bedrooms closed. The double bug and dirt buffer is nice though so I am preferring to keep closed doors.3. The bedroom divider is not much more than a divider curtain. It hangs by a hook and loop in four corners and is open all the way around the edges. Of course you don't expect much privacy in a tent anyway, I just had assumed it zipped in. It still works well to divide for privacy while changing clothes. However, if you were planning on using it to keep the kids trapped on their own side don't count on it working. Of course duct tape can always come in handy...on the kids not the tent ;)4. Definitely use a tarp under it. First night setting it up, despite a site inspection a rather devious camping gremlin managed to sabatoge us with a very sharp, very small stick. The floor appears to be sturdy enough, but it poked right through as soon as weight came in the area.5. It comes with a decent amount of patch material the same as the floor material and a small tube of glue (appears to be similar to rubber cement, haven't checked for sure yet, but will need to buy more of it because knowing me and my family we will end up with more holes.) It works well when you're smart enough to not cut out and try to glue down the section with a fold in it. It also worked well to patch a medium sized hole in the side of the tent when someone was dumb enough to use a very sharp pocket knife too close. Had to put a patch piece inside and out but it worked and only needed enough material to just cover and hold the slice in place.6. The bedroom vents stake ends up close to the doors on each side and we tripped on it a lot. They stayed staked and the material held up with out ripping. They are noticeable, we just camp with all four of the Three Stooges cast and I know we aren't the only ones so thought I'd mention it to let the others know to pack extra ice packs and/or ace wraps.7. I didn't put the rain fly on so I don't know how it works yet. Looking at the ties and stuff I am sure it will be an interesting post story from our crew. If I think about it I will update once I do.8. There is an awesome little zipper next to one of the doors for an electrical cord. Didn't notice that mentioned in the description, but I didn't read it that well either.

Overall I am pleased with the tent for the cost. Can't wait to get it out and apparently attempt to ruin it more.

Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? Yes
  • Looks Good
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Written by from MD on May 15, 2014
great tent and great service!

I set this tent up 4 months ago to use it to store a bunch of stuff outside by my RV, it has been up ever since and I could not be more impressed with it. It has been through rain storms, plenty of windy days (40+ mph gusts), its been covered in snow, and I havent had any issues. My stuff has been dry the whole time.

That being said, yesterday a noreaster came through the area (southern MD) dumping almost 2 feet of snow in some places. However, our town got hit with 3" of snow and then a lot of rain creating a very heavy slush that the tent finally gave in under. The material did not rip but 3 of the 4 poles failed under the stress.

I can't imagine any tent holding up under those conditions (honestly, I didn't expect it to make it this long under all the other conditions either) but since the material of the tent was fine I called VMInnovations to ask about purchasing some replacement poles. They said no problem, and sent me the parts no questions asked and at zero cost to me. Unbelievable service. I used the tent totally in a way in which it was not designed to be used and they didn't care, they even said if they couldnt send the parts they would just repalce the entire tent.

I couldn't be more pleased with the product or the service.

Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? Yes
  • Looks Good
  • Sturdy
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Written by from Tennessee on Apr 14, 2016
Trial run
I bought this tent for my family of four to camp in spring in summer so ventilation was important. We wanted a tent with separate bedrooms and and a large living quarters as well. The living quarters are definitely large enough for gear, chairs, etc and room to move around. The bedrooms won't rightly fit a bed longer than 80" so not all queens will fit, but should have some room on the sides. The vents on the bedrooms can double as pockets for flashlight, cell phone, etc since there are no built in pockets in the tent. The room divider is extremely thin, but since it's interior I'm not concerned. Also, there is not a place to hang a light or fan, but I purchased a small 100 lumen light for $8 that can connect to one of the top bedroom zippers so we're good there. I also noticed not all seams are taped but looked as if the doors and windows are. The height is awesome as I had plenty of room...I'm 6'. The only issue was I noticed a bad seem on the bottom. The tent comes with glue which I'll use to patch that tiny spot. Concerning setup it took me by myself 30 minutes doing a test run in my backyard.. With it being the first time I'm sure it will be less when my wife helps at the campsite. It was simple to setup and I had no issues with the instructions. Also, I did not put on the fly or the guy lines. There is no bathtub floor, but the bottom is raised a couple/few inches at the doors to keep out dirt, leaves, etc. Lastly, I want to praise VMI for their quick delivery. I ordered on Monday and received Wednesday!! All-in-all it seems like a good value and a good tent and we can't wait to take it out this spring!
Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? Yes
  • Easy to Use
  • Safe
  • Simple to Set Up
  • Looks Good
  • Sturdy
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weight of the tent
Asked on 2/7/2018
The packed weight of this item is 3.7 pounds.
Answered by VMInnovations on 2/11/2018
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