Pondmaster 1700 Medium Garden Pond Filter & Fountain Head Systems (Pair)

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SKU: 02217
Brand: Pondmaster
Condition: New
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1 Buy = 2 Pondmaster 1700 Pond Filter & Pump Systems!

The Pondmaster 02217 filter system consists of: A Pondmaster 1000 filter, magnetic drive pump, one 3/4" hose fittings, two fountain heads which can be connected to the pump and hose to connect units. The benefits of using a fountain head are: more aeration and an exciting water display. For ponds that require more filtering because of higher fish population or abundant plant growth.

Fish safe because it's oil free!
  • (2) New Pondmaster 1700 Pond Filter & Pump Systems!
  • Designed for easy of use
  • Suitable For Small To Medium Ponds Up To 1200 Gallons
  • Ideal for waterfalls
  • The system can be used as the sole source of bio-mechanical filtration
  • Provides an attractive fountain display in the pond
  • Mechanical, Biological and Chemical Filtration
  • More aeration
  • Exciting water display
  • Pumps to max 11.8 ft height
  • 18 feet power cord
  • Fish safe
    • Sturdy built in handle allows filter to be placed where needed. Cord can be tied onto handle to help retrieve filter
    • Water is drawn into a thick layer of foam material which traps large debris from pond water
    • A second layer of material biologically purifies the pond water as it passes through
    • The compact, powerful Magnetic Drive utility Pump is used to draw water through the filter. This energy efficient design uses one moving part. Compared to other water pumps of similar output, this pump uses about one half of the electricity, a substantial energy savings to you!
    • Adjustable Bell Fountain Kit is included. Aerates water and produces a beautiful, wind resistant pattern
  • Kit Includes:
    • 1) 1000 filter with filter media
    • 1) 700 GPH Magnetic drive pump
    • 2) Freed fountain heads
    • All connectors and vinyl tubing
  • Part Number: 02217
  • Product Condition: Brand New
  • 3 Year Manufacture Warranty
  • [Instructions][1]
  • [1]:
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