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Pondmaster Skimmer & Filter System Kit w/ Carry Handle

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Brand: Danner Manufacturing, Inc.
Condition: New
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The Pondmaster Skimmer is also a filter, so it cleans the water in two ways! This unit skims debris of the top, middle & bottom of the pond, including pollen, acorns, leaves, and much more. It's made for use with a 1800-2400 GPH pump (sold separately), and comes with a convenient handle for taking the filter out of the water.

Not only does the Pondmaster Skimmer & Filter clean your pond, but it aerates water to stimulate activity and promote fish health. Plus, it's quick and easy to install. Pondmaster products have been designed and manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of pond hobbyists and professionals everywhere. Fish friendly, environmentally sound and energy efficient. VMInnovations is an authorized Pondmaster dealer.

  • Brand New Pondmaster Skimmer & Filter System!
    • Floating Skimmer/Filter System
    • Suitable For Ponds Up To 2000 Gallons
    • Cleans Water 2 Ways, with a Skimmer and Filter
    • Skims Debris Off Top, Middle and Bottom of the Pond
    • Removes Pollen, Acorns, Leaves and Etc.
    • For Use with Pumps 1800-2400 GPH (sold separately)
    • No Liner Cutting, or Major Pond Alterations Necessary
    • Convenient Handle for Taking Filter Out of Water
    • Non Obtrusive Skimmer Floats Just Below Water Surface
    • Allows for 6" of Movement to Accommodate Water Level Fluctuation
    • Aerates Water to Stimulate Activity and Promote Fish Health
    • Filter Rests on Bottom of Pond
    • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Part Number: 02240-DANNER
  • Product Condition: Brand New
  • 6 Month VMInnovations Warranty!
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