Boss CX600 800W 4-Channel Amplifier with Boss KIT2 8 Gauge Amp Instal Kit

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SKU: CX600 + KIT2
Brand: BOSS Audio
Condition: New
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The BOSS CX600 800W CHAOS EXXTREME 4-Channel MOSFET Car Audio Amplifier provides 800 Watts of MAX Power! It features a MOSFET Power Supply, Soft Turn-On Circuit, Thermal Overload & Speaker's Short Protection, Remote Subwoofer Level Control, Tri-Mode Operation, Power & Protection LEDs, an Input Sensitivity Selector, and a remote subwoofer level control! Use the BOSS CX600 800W CHAOS EXXTREME 4-Channel MOSFET Car Audio Amplifier to power your car audio system!

  • Amplifier:
    • NEW BOSS CX600 800W CHAOS EXXTREME 4-Channel MOSFET Car Audio Amplifier
      • MAX Power: 800 Watts
      • Max Bridged Power @ 4 Ohms: 400 Watts x 2
      • Max Power @ 2 Ohms: 200 Watts x 4
      • RMS Power @ 4 Ohms: 75 Watts x 4
      • Amplifier Class: Class A/B
      • Technology: MOSFET
      • Number of Output Channels: 4
      • Bridgeable
      • Soft Turn-On Circuit
      • Thermal Overload & Speaker's Short Protection
      • Remote Subwoofer Level Control
      • Tri-Mode Operation
      • Power & Protection LEDs
      • Input Sensitivity Selector
    • Specifications:
      • Frequency Response: 9 to 50000 Hz
      • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) @ RMS Output: 0.01%
      • Minimum Speaker Impedance in Bridged Mode: 4 Ohms
      • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): 102 dB
      • Minimum Speaker Impedance: 2 Ohms
      • Variable Low Pass Crossover: 35 to 160 Hz
      • Dimensions: 2.625" x 13.375" x 11.875"
    • Weight: 10 Lbs
    • Condition: BRAND NEW!
    • Part Number: CX600
    • Warranty: 2 years (1 Year Manufacturer + 1 Year VMInnovations Warranty)
  • Amp Kit:
    • NEW BOSS KIT2 8 Gauge Complete Car Amplifier Wiring Kit
    • 20 Ft. 8 Ga Red Power Cable
    • Competition High Quality Fuse Holder
    • 3 Ft. 8 Ga Black Ground Cable
    • 16 Ft. 18 Ga Blue Turn-On Wire
    • 20 Ft. High Performance RCA Interconnect
    • 30 Ft. Speaker Wire
    • 6 Ft. Split Loom Tubing
    • (20) 4" Wire Ties
    • (3) Rubber Grommets
    • #10 Ring Terminal
    • 5/16" Ring Terminal
    • 1/4" Ring Terminal
    • Weight: 2 lbs
    • Condition: BRAND NEW!
    • Part Number: KIT2
    • Warranty: 2 Years (1 Year Manufacturer + 1 Year VMInnovations Warranty)
Written by from Rhode Island on Jan 27, 2013
Very good amp to power 4 speakers no sub.

I bought this amp to run from a Pioneer DEH-80PRS to power a set of pioneer TS-A1604C front and Scosche HD5253 rear. Amp is rated at 25 watts more RMS max for the fronts and 35 for the rears but have the gains properly adjusted for the speakers. Separate gain adjustment for each speaker set. In my own opinion it is better to go higher than the max RMS speaker rating and set the gains properly on the amp than to have to turn the volume knob up all the way on the head unit with an amp with the same rating as the speakers or a bit lower. Saves the amp from working near maximum load. So far after a month of use about an hour a day use no problems. Huge difference from powering the speakers from the head unit alone. Straight from the head unit no amp and tuned to speakers, I needed to increase the volume knob to about 80% max to get to a level I like. With this amp installed and proper gain adjustment only 60%. Amp runs cool. Longest run time was 2 hours and never became more than luke warm. Amp is installed in the trunk. As for the amp install kit it was good enough to an extent. The power cable, ground, rca's, speaker wire and remote turn on work. Speaker wire was barely enough to run to the fronts. Need extra for the rears. The rest of the kit was useless in my set up. Mini zip ties were garbage. Everyone snapped when I zipped them before they were close to tight. The cable ends didn't fit to any connections I had. Ended up just using bare wire. All in all I'm very happy with this set up. An amp llike this is menat to power 4 speakers without a sub. It does so with ease without working up a sweat.

Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? Yes
  • Easy to Use
  • Safe
  • Simple to Set Up
  • Looks Good
  • Sturdy
  • Quality Construction
  • Bulky
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