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Moultrie D60-CAMERA + SD2GB

Moultrie Game Spy D-60 6MP White Flash Digital Trail Game Camera + 2GB SD Card

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Brand: Moultrie
Condition: New
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1 Buy = 1 Moultrie D-60 Game Camera + 1 Moultrie 2GB SD Memory Card!

The Moultrie Game Spy D-60 Digital Trail Camera offers high-end scouting equipment packed with features in an affordably priced game camera. With 6.0 megapixel images, a white flash and the ability to shoot color video during the day and still photos at night, this camera is a great way to start monitoring game for hunting season. The D-60 Digital Trail Camera has 16 MB of built-in memory and handles up to a 4GB SD card for even more photos and videos of your game. The D-60 camera offers four different resolutions for photos and two more for videos, and will allow you to take up to three multi-shot photos of your game.

Your daytime game photos are crisp and clear; and with the Moultrie Game Spy D-60 Digital Trail Camera, night photos are enhanced with a white flash that throws up to 45 feet. When game moves in front of the camera, it goes to work right away thanks to the infrared sensor. The 10-second time for video clips helps you determine what direction your game is coming from, how often, and who is visiting your favorite spot. Each photo – with or without the white flash - is imprinted with moon phase, time, date and camera ID – especially helpful if you have more than one flash game camera set up and need to determine which game photos are from which camera.

If you’re a hunter, you want to know what’s out there when you go after game; a flash game camera helps immensely. You need to recognize patterns for feeding, time, location and number; what trails game such as deer take, when they take it and how many take it. The D-60 flash game camera can help you go deeper by allowing you to track the movements and patterns of individual game by watching when they feed. Keep in mind the camera is not just for hunting, and is perfect for catching migrating birds, a beaver colony or other game in candid simplicity – without human scent around to make them wary!

The Moultrie Game Spy D-60 Digital Trail Camera is simple to use and delivers quality pictures from a solid, easy-to-use, & weather resistant water sealed camera. Whether it’s in the field, scouting game for your hunting trip, taking a look at nature through a candid camera or any other use you can find for an economical game camera, Moultrie’s D-60 is a solid value for your needs.

Also included is the 2GB Moultrie SD Card, which increases the number of pictures your digital scouting camera can hold. The memory card easily slides into your camera, and can be transferred to computer, television, phone, and other SD compatible devices for your viewing pleasure. This product also features a write-protect program that prevents accidental overwrites/deletes of your precious memories!

  • Brand New Moultrie Game Spy D-60 Digital Trail Camera!
    • 6.0 megapixels
    • 45-ft flash
    • Rapid response time
    • 60-day average battery life
    • Moon phase, time, date and camera ID stamped on every photo
    • Color day and night still pictures
    • Captures daytime video clip
    • Choose from 4 still photo resolutions
    • Multi-shot pictures (up to 3 shots)
    • 1/5/10/60 minute picture delay
    • Ability to turn off flash
    • SD memory card slot – up to 4GB (card not included)
    • 16MB of internal memory
    • External power port for optional Moultrie PowerPanel®
    • Operates on 6 D-cell batteries (not included; we recommend Duracell and Energizer)
  • Product Condition: Brand New
  • Part Number: D60-Camera
  • 2 Year Warranty: (1 Year Manufacturer Warranty + 1 Year VMInnovations Warranty)
  • Brand New 2GB Moultrie SD Card!
    • 2 GB Memory
    • Upload data, erase and reuse without losing quality
    • Write-protect switch prevents accidental overwrites or deletes
    • Use in all SDHC compatible devices.
    • Can be used with all 2007 and newer Moultrie Game Spy game cameras
  • Product Condition: Brand New
  • Part Number: SD2GB
  • 2 Year Warranty: (1 Year Manufacturer Warranty + 1 Year VMInnovations Warranty!)
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