InStep Suburban Safari Swivel Jogging Stroller (Red/Grey)

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SKU: 11-AR750
Brand: InStep
Condition: New
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Comfort, function and style come together in our swivel wheel sport strollers. Large pneumatic wheels and a zero-degree turn radius allow you to conquer tight turns and small spaces. These sport strollers are easy to fold and transport making them the perfect choice for parents on the go!

  • Includes Universal Car Seat Adaptor - New
  • Powder Coated 12" Front Wheel that Swivel or Lock in Place
  • Steel Frame with 50 lbs per Child Capacity - NEW
  • Dual Drink holder and covered storage area on parent console - NEW
  • Child Tray with cup holder for Drinks or Snacks
  • Large Under Seat Basket
  • One Hand Fold Design is Easy to Use
  • Roomy and Comfortable Interior
  • Padded Seat and Comfortable 5 pt. Harness
  • Mesh Bug Screen, No More Pests - NEW
  • Reclining Seat Feature a Wide Adjustable Range
  • Product Number - 11-AR750 - New 2009 Model
  • Assembled Dimensions: 45"x23.5"x41"
  • Carton Dimensions: 27.9"x14.9"x40.9"
  • Color: Red with Grey
  • Max Weight Limit: 50 lbs per child
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • 2 Years Warranty (1 Year Manufacturer warranty + 1 Year extended VM Innovations warranty)
Written by from spokane, wa on Nov 9, 2010 Verified Buyer
Great price for options I wanted

I haven't tried the universal car seat adapter, so I cannot comment on that.

The steering is awesome - TOTALLY WAAAAY better than our cheap Wallie-World travel system.

I like the parent & child drink holders, though it would be nice if the child tray height was adjustable because it sits a bit high for my 18 mo. old. I would also liked to have had the child tray swivel or something, but because it is set up high, it is not difficult to get the child in and out.

The underseat basket is large as advertised - definitely not extra large, which would be nicer.

The "One Hand Fold" sometimes actually takes two hands since the slide & push mechanism on mine can be tough to slide & push. It is a bit awkward to unfold. Definitely takes  both hands and a foot and even then it's not easy-peasy. Also, the lock that is supposed to keep the stroller folded was not designed well and does not work properly. So when I pull the stroller out of my car, it is unfolding which makes it more difficult to pull out.

The mesh bug screen is cheap and it broke as soon as I tried it out.

The reclining feature is great in that the seat adjusts to sitting almost upright. I hate seeing a kid who has to pull themselves up in their stroller just so they can see what's going on outside of the stroller! The down side is that it barely goes below a 45 degree angle. It would be much nicer and more comfortable if it layed down flat for the kid to sleep.

It is a bit bulky when folded, so if you have a small trunk forget it!

I did a lot of research before buying this stroller. I bought it mainly for the maneuverability, but also for the basket size, cup holders, upright seat position, and price. Obviously, I could definitely think of some improvements. But in all my research I could not find one that fit my needs better - and I was willing to pay 4-5 times more! With all the strollers out there, it is very frustrating that there are not at least a few that provide more options and flexibility. It took me a very long time and a lot of research to decide on this stroller. I do not wish that I had chose any of the others that I researched (and I researched a lot), I just wish that there were better, all-inclusive strollers. Good luck with your search!

Would I recommend this to a friend or family member? Yes
  • Safe
  • Looks Good
  • Sturdy
  • Quality Construction
  • Simple to Break Down
  • Bulky
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