MB Quart Formula 4 Inch 2 Way Coaxial Car Audio Speakers Pair, Black (2 Pack)
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MB Quart Formula 4 Inch 2 Way Coaxial Car Audio Speakers Pair, Black (2 Pack)
2 x MB Quart Formula 4 Inch 2 Way Coaxial Car Audio Speakers Pair, Black (2 Pack)
MB Quart Formula 4 Inch 2 Way Coaxial Car Audio Speakers Pair, Black (2 Pack)
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Brand MB Quart
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Product Details

When you crank up your car or truck audio system, you want the best sound you can get. Get some of that top-notch sound you've been searching for with these 2 pairs of Maxxsonics FKB110 MB Quart Formula 4-inch 2-Way Car Speakers.

The ideal balance of a high-end car audio system requires the perfect mix of speaker tone, deep bass impact, and clean undistorted power. MB Quart makes it simple to develop the impeccable Formula for a great sounding system. The Formula line offers a high-end sound quality through a full line of aluminum dome tweeters with polypropylene cone speakers. These components handle 80-watt peak power, 4-ohm subwoofers to command the deep bass frequencies all powered by the Q-Stasis circuitry amplifiers in the Formula line up. With the over-coil cooling system, your speakers will be safe from overheating so you can keep the music going.

Keep your sound the best around with these 2 pairs 4-Inch Coaxial Car Audio Speakers from Maxxsonics.

  • 2 Pairs of 4-Inch, 2-way coaxial speakers give you great all-around sound every time you get in your car
  • 80-watt peak power and 40-watt RMS handling with 4-ohms for a full, clear sound
  • Aluminum dome tweeters deliver great sound with increased reliability
  • Butyl rubber surrounds provide durability and deeper mid-bass impact
  • Lightweight thermal-formed polypropylene cones enable faster midrange response
  • The cone/surround connection utilizes a high temp adhesive which assure the cone and surround do not separate in high power uses or extremes of weather
  • Highly conductive while remaining flexible during high power applications
  • Pure Copper voice coil creates a strong magnetic field with a very thin extrusion
  • Kapton voice coil former is lightweight and efficiently dissipates heat
  • Natural fiber allows flexibility while the infused epoxy gives strength during the manufacturing process
  • Over-coil cooling system allows air exchange over the voice coil through the spider
  • 12dB internal crossover integrated into the design to assure smooth midrange to tweeter frequency transitions
  • Heavy gauge progressive-die stamped steel frames for ultimate rigidity
  • Ferrite magnet motor creates a strong magnetic field while remaining small enough to fit nearly every application
  • Use spade connectors or solder direct for the best connection
  • 1-inch tweeters produce clear highs while handling plenty of power without sound harsh
  • Specifications:
  • RMS power handling: 40 watts
  • Peak power handling: 80 watts
  • Speaker impedance: 4 ohms
  • Frequency response: 55 to 19k Hz
  • Sensitivity: 88 decibels
  • Crossover point: 6kHz
  • Crossover slope: 12 decibels
  • Mounting diameter/cut out: 3.69 inches
  • Outside diameter: 5.39 inches
  • Mounting depth/chassis depth: 3 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Quantity: 2 pairs (4 speakers total)
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