Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D Water-Based DJ Haze-Smoke-Fog Machine w/ Remote + Fluid : HURRICANE-HAZE2D + 4 x HFG-FLUID
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Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D Water-Based DJ Haze-Smoke-Fog Machine w/ Remote + Fluid

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Brand: Chauvet DJ
Condition: New
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The Chauvet Hurricane-Haze 2D is a water-based haze machine with continuous output and a digital display to set DMX and stand alone functions with ease. It features adjustable blower output speeds and nozzle to get the haze where you need it. The low fluid indicator gives a warning before running out of fluid. An included wired, timer remote stores conveniently in the fixture.

Also included with the Chauvet Hurricane-Haze 2D is the Chauvet HFG, a new and improved haze fluid that generates a thin mist, providing any area with a stunning effect. CHAUVET® fluids are designed and tested to provide exceptional output from CHAUVET® fog, snow, and bubble machines. The use of other, inferior products can cause irreparable damage to your machine. Play it safe and get maximum output by trusting CHAUVET® fluids. This fog fluid is water based and works with other products, as well as Chauvet machines. Plus it won't stain or leave residue, so you can have a good time worry-free!

Package Includes:

(1) Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D Haze Machine

(4) Chauvet HFG Fog Fluid Gallons

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  • Brand New Chauvet Hurricane-Haze 2D Water-Based Fog Machine!
    • Water-based haze machine that creates a thin atmosphere to enhance any light show
    • Continuous output after minimal initial warm-up ensures the haze is always ready
    • Digital display sets DMX functions and stand-alone settings with ease
    • Haze output and blower speeds are adjustable in stand-alone mode via digital display (no controller needed)
    • User-adjustable output angle ensures the haze goes where itís needed
    • Low-fluid indicator automatically turns off the machine when the tank is empty
    • Includes wired, timer remote with storage compartment for easy transportation
    • Specifications:
    • DMX channels: 2
    • Tank Capacity: 2.5 L
    • Wire remote length: 15 ft (4.6 m)
    • Heat-up time: 5 min
    • Output: 1,200 cfm (34 sq m)
    • Fluid consumption: 8.2 ml/min
    • 120 V, 60 Hz, fixed (US/Canada model)
    • 533 W; 4.4 A operating (120 V, 60 Hz)
    • Weight: 18.7 lbs (8.5 kg)
    • Size: 11.2 x 10.5 x 13.7 in (285 x 267 x 350 mm)
    • Warranty: 2-year warranty
  • (4) Brand New Chauvet HFG Haze Fluid Gallons!
    • New and improved version of HJU
    • Formulated specifically for use in all water-based haze machines
    • Generates a thin mist of haze
    • Doesn’t stain or leave residue
    • Non-toxic, non-flammable & unscented
    • FDA compliant
    • Specifications:
    • Net contents: 1 gal (3.8L)
    • Weight: 9lbs (4.1kg)
    • Warranty: 90-day warranty
Written by MusicLover on Jan 9, 2015
Wow!! Instantly puts my smoke machine in storage..

This Haze machine is amazing.. Within minutes it brings all my leds and lasers to life. Unlike the thick heavy smoke machine, this fine haze 2D lingers for a long time even after the unit has been switched off..Love It!! Thank you Chauvet...

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Written by fastrider on Jul 23, 2015

Works great and fills up the room (I don't know how many square feet but it's pretty big) with a thick layer of haze.Pros:More control over how much haze fluid is used and how thick you want your haze levels to be.Easy to use and clearly let's you see how much fluid is left in the tank.Shuts off the heater unit when the fluid is too low as a safety feature and keeps the heater from burning up.Cons:For automatic function: we have it set to just keep pumping out haze and on its lowest setting it goes through about a gallon of fluid in 6-8 days of use at 3-4 hours of use each day. Compared to a smaller unit that goes through a gallon every 10-12 days. If you put it on the highest setting it will blow through 1/2 a gallon in 4 hours.Our heater cracked after 6 months and we had to send it back to the manufacture for repair.When you have to send it back to the manufacturer Chauvet isn't the best place to deal with and you have to pay for shipping back to them with a big ol box - cost me 56 bucks with UPS and it took a little over 3 weeks for return fixed.I seriously recommend BUY A WARRANTY FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN GET ONE with this unit (and really any other fog machine). We went through 2 machines before buying this one and buying a warranty.

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Written by Patrick M. Waters on Jul 28, 2015
Hard to find the right level

We have 2 of these for a venue that holds between 150 and 200 people. They work well, and the haze makes the place look great when set to the right level. The problem is, there's a fine line between not enough haze and too much haze - as some people in the audience complain when there is too much haze beyond the stage. I have the hazers using the "timer" function on the remote box.The interval knob is super touchy. In one position is comes out too much, then if you turn it down a millimeter or so, it doesn't come out enough. Been tricky to find the "sweet spot".

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