Safety 1st Baby/Kids Complete Grooming Kit

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Brand:Safety 1st
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Safety 1st Baby Complete Grooming Kit

  • Wrapping Clutch Case: size adjustable with D-ring closure
  • Gentle Care Brush: comfort-grip handle and soft bristles
  • Gentle Care Comb: comfort-grip handle with fine- and wide-toothed ends
  • Cradle Cap Comb: gently removes flaking skin from scalp
  • Clear View Nail Clippers: easy-grip handle and curved cutting edge with 5x magnifier
  • Spritzer Bottle: tame unruly hair with travel-sized water mister
  • 10 Emery Boards and Case: Stress-free nail shaping with convenient holder
  • Snail Bath Sponge: soft, baby-friendly material for washing and entertainment
  • Manufacturer's Item Number: IH022
  • Product Condition: Brand New!
  • Warranty: One year manufacturer's warranty
Written by on May 21, 2012
Good Quality, regular set

This is a pretty good grooming set.  The most important things are the combs and brush and the nail clippers.  The Brush is very soft and the combs are good quality.  The nail clippers hae the magnifying glass on them, wish is nice for a nervous new mom.  There are a few things that are included that you don't really need, like the spray bottle.  And the case is cute, but really you can find a good brush and comb and nail clipper for less separately.  

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  • Safe
  • Looks Good
  • Too Expensive