Spyder 1/2-Inch Pilot, 6-5/8-Inch Arbor Saw, & 24-Inch Extender : ST-600845 + ST-600634H + ST-600113H
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Spyder 1/2-Inch Pilot, 6-5/8-Inch Arbor Saw, & 24-Inch Extender

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SKU: ST-600845 + ST-600634H + ST-600113H
Brand: Spyder
Condition: New
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For those looking to enhance the utility of their hole saws, the Spyder Arbor Extension provides added options for your drilling convenience.

This extension gives your hole saw an additional 24-inch reach. That makes it easy to drill in tight spaces where your power drill might not be able to fit. It also gives you additional reach when working with pipes or wooden beams above your head.

Made from solid carbon steel, the Spyder Arbor extension allows you to use the full potential of your hole saws.ST-600634H

When you've got a project that requires cutting a big ol' hole in something, you want a pilot drill bit that keeps your cutting centered, steady, and easy. The Spyder Quick Change Hole Saw 1/2-Inch Drill Bit helps you get the job done.

Made to work with the Spyder Rapid Switch and Rapid Core Eject bimetal hole saws, this pilot drill bit makes switching bits easy with a single click.

Its 1/2-inch shank is made of high-speed steel that cuts smooth at any speed. This hole saw arbor drill bit can cut through a variety of materials including wood, cellular concrete, plastic, metal, and acrylic glass.

Get your projects done with a tool that's built to last. Whether it's replacing your arbor drill bit or just making this project easier, this Spyder Drill Bit is here to get the job done.ST-600113H

Ordinary drills are fine for making small holes, but they often struggle with wider ones. If you're hoping to cut wide holes easily, the Spyder Bi Metal Hole Saw is just what you're looking for.

Designed with steel blade, this saw can easily chew through wood and plastics. Thanks to its variable tooth pitch design, it can cut quickly through even thick materials. The saw can also make smooth cuts even at slower speeds.

This blade can be used with the spyder rapid switch and rapid core eject (sold separately). That makes switching out spyder hole saws for different sizes as easy as pressing of a button, and they can also be adjusted for drilling holes at different angles. With those features, the Spyder Bi Metal Hole Saw isn't just the tool to get the job done, but the tool to get it done quickly.

  • Spyder 24-Inch Bit Extension for 25/64-Inch Hole Saw Arbors
    • Arbor extension for hole saws
    • Shank size: Hex, made to fit 25/64-inch arbors
    • Total Length: 24 inches
    • Fits hole saw diameters between 1-1/4 and 8-9/32 inches
    • Ready to work with Spyder rapid core eject and Spyder rapid switch (sold separately)
    • Color: Black
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 0.6 x 0.6 x 24 inches
    • Part number: ST-600845
  • Spyder 600634H Quick Change Hole Saw 1/2 Inch Shank Drill Bit
    • Replacement pilot drill bit gets your bi-metal hole saw in working order or helps meet the demands of your project
    • Features a 1/2-inch hex shank constructed of high-speed steel that cuts smooth at any speed
    • Fits with Spyder Rapid Switch and Rapid Core Eject circular hole saws with 1-1/2 inch to 6-5/8 inch diameters
    • Quick Change design lets you switch out your drill bit with a single click
    • Cuts through wood, gypsum, cellular concrete, plastics (including PVC, nylon, and polyester), steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, and acrylic glass
    • Specifications:
    • Shank shape: Hex
    • Shank size: 1/2 inches
    • Compatible hole saws: Spyder Raid Switch and Rapid Core Eject hole saws
    • Compatible hole saw diameters: 1-1/2 inch to 6-5/8 inch
    • Thread size: 1/2-inch - 18
    • Color: Silver
    • Overall length: 7.31 inches
    • Part number: ST-600634H
  • Spyder 6-5/8-Inch Bi-Metal Steel Deep Cut Hole Saw
    • Hole saw blade that can cut wide holes through wood and plastics
    • Maximum Cutting Depth: 1.875 inches
    • Hole Diameter: 6-5/8 inches
    • Pilot Drill Size (L x W): 4 x 5/16 inches
    • Variable tooth pitch design allows you to cut quickly through even thick materials
    • Spyder rapid switch lets you easily change blades with the press of a button (sold separetly)
    • Color: Black
    • Part number: ST-600113H
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