Lortone 004-091 33B Twin Rubber Barrel 6 Lb Hobby Rotary Rock Polisher Tumbler : 1-0610
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Lortone 004-091 33B Twin Rubber Barrel 6 Lb Hobby Rotary Rock Polisher Tumbler

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SKU: 1-0610
Brand: Lortone, Inc.
Condition: New
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Get started with rock polishing right at home. The Lortone 33B Rotary Rock Tumbler smooths and polishes small stones, perfect for hobbyists, home jewelry makers, rock collectors, crafts, and more.

This rock polisher tumbler is best suited for small stones up to 1.25 inches across. With 2 molded rubber tumbling barrels, you can polish more stones or run different stages of polishing at the same time. Each barrel holds up to 3 pounds of rocks (6 pounds total when both in use), and measure 4.1 inches deep with a 3.9-inch diameter.

This rock polishing machine is great for folks starting their rock tumbling hobby. You'll get an instruction booklet that walks you through how to use it and what type of abrasive you'll need. This rock polisher comes as the tumbler only. Rocks, polish, and abrasive are sold separately.

As a rotary rock tumbler, the Lortone 33B polishes stones in 4 stages. Each stage takes 7 days and uses different types of grit to wear away at the stones' rough edges. With 2 barrels, you can run 2 stages of polishing at the same time on different rock batches. Just plug it in and let it run, it's designed to run 24/7. With a small 10.25- by 6.25-inch footprint, this rock polisher fits anywhere.

Get smooth, polished stones with the Lortone 33B Rotary Rock Tumbler.

  • Smooth and polish small stones up to 1.25 inches in this rock tumbler
  • Features (2) 3-pound-capacity rubber barrels for a total 6-pound capacity
  • For complete polish, stones undergo 4 tumbling stages; each stages takes 7 days
  • Use twin barrels at the same time: double your capacity or run 2 stages at once
  • Tumbler only; rocks, polish, and abrasive sold separately
  • Increased tumbling action thanks to molded barrel ribs
  • Great for hobbyists and those getting started with rock tumbling
  • Runs automatically, just fill with rocks, abrasive, and water, and plug it in
  • Includes instruction manual that walks you through the rock polishing process
  • Color: Blue
  • Dimensions, base (L x W): 10.25 x 6.25 inches
  • Dimensions, barrel interior (L x W x H): 4.13 x 3.87 inches
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty
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